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What About "So And So"?

My mailbox could become fodder for posts for the next month.... My favorites, of course, are "you forgot so and so."

Did I really? And what does that make the 20K+ visitors since Sunday who also managed to forget "so and so"?

Oh, and I have not received any new e-mail in the last 5 minutes. I better check my Internet connection, something must be wrong.


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Hang in there. Most of us ... (Below threshold)

Hang in there. Most of us appreciate the effort you put into each project you undertake. Whiners should not be eligible for anything in any category - ignore them.

I'm impressed he's going th... (Below threshold)

I'm impressed he's going through the trouble at all, really. I have yet to see a single attempt at a Blog award thingy that didn't generate a whole heapin' of flamin' and cussin' and just plain old general nastiness for the person who tried to organize and run it.

I think part of the problem is the ridiculously huge number of weblogs out there and the fact that, like so many other social things, they tend to group into cliques by nature of who reads what. When word gets out that there's an award thingy going on people mistakenly think that the person organizing it is somehow aware of every single one of the 64 Gazillion or so weblogs that are out there and so any personal favorites that are "overlooked" is taken as some kind of snub.

Folks there isn't any kind of a "blogging committee" out there that sets rules or collects dues to determine who is and isn't a blogger and any one particular blog award thingy can't possibly be aware of all the different blogs out there. If you want your site considered then get someone to nominate it. If you're not happy with how this award thingy is going then quit whining and go about organizing and running your OWN award thingy. There's nothing stopping you other than your own lack of motivation and bad attitude. Hell, I was thinking of doing my own award thingy just for the fun of getting screamed at by several thousand pissed off bloggers who feel they've been snubbed by me.

OK, I'll shut up now.

hang in there! you are doi... (Below threshold)

hang in there! you are doing a great job, and people just love to complain.

i agree with les, they need do it themselves if they don't like how you are doing it!

keep up the good work!






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