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2003 Weblog Awards Open

Voting for all categories is now open. You can vote in each category once every 12 hours. Polls close Dec. 14.

Every nominated site in every poll can be visited by clicking on the site name (site opens in a new window). If you are not familiar with all the nominees take a look at them before voting.

Click the graphic below to enter the polls.

2003 Weblog Awards

If you want to show the link at your site:

Please be kind save the graphic to your server and update the code......


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Comments (6)

Maybe I'm still too tired f... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm still too tired from staying up almost the whole night last night, but it looks like the voting isn't up in the Ecosystem categories?

Nice to see that someone ca... (Below threshold)

Nice to see that someone cares enough about these polls to cheat ...

Umm...Kevin - I hope you ha... (Below threshold)

Umm...Kevin - I hope you have lots of bandwidth...this could get ugly!

"You can vote in each categ... (Below threshold)

"You can vote in each category once every 12 hours."

That's an interesting way to run a poll. Does this need rewording, or are you actually intending to say that each person can vote 19 (and subsequent fewer) times in each category?

Or do you mean that each person can change their single vote in each category 19 (and subsequent fewer) times? Or am I being somehow dense?

Wrote a long post about the poll here, by the way.

Thanks Gary. It's on my to... (Below threshold)

Thanks Gary. It's on my to do list.

Basically the poll software will let you vote keep you from voting again in any poll 12 hours. Each poll is independent from the other.

Anyone want to take a crack at it here, I'll cut and paste.

The selection criteria will be address too - once all the polls are running.

<a href="http://sixfootpole... (Below threshold)






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