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By Popular Demand: Most Egregious Omission Poll

I told you when push came to shove there were going to be some bruised egos. Did you listen? Sadly no...

You whined, you cried, you ranted, etc. Well it worked, sort of...

Here is your final chance to make your case as to why your omission from the 2003 Weblog Awards was the most heinous miscarriage of justice since The Holy Roller or The Immaculate Reception.

One final category will go up for voting on Monday night - Most Egregious Omission


If you are listed in any of the polls you are ineligible.

Just because you blog exists does not automatically qualify it as an egregious omission. You need to explain why your omission is such a glaring oversight. Humor and creativity will be rewarded; pettiness and whining will not. The process of choosing the final 20 will be subjective. I've got 5 sites on my list already so you're fighting for the other 15.

Have at it...


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Comments (34)

Juan Cole's <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Juan Cole's Informed Comment and Wretchard's Belmont Club

the voodoo lounge - <a href... (Below threshold)

the voodoo lounge - http://lounge.pri.ee

it's such a glaring oversight because it would have helped keep my visitor numbers from dwindling. i blame all of you. i unclog my nose at you, sons of a windowdresser.

- sincerely, lady macbeth.

How about all the nominatio... (Below threshold)

How about all the nominations that you missed that were posted in the comments before the nominating period ended?

I didn't miss them. Most c... (Below threshold)

I didn't miss them. Most categories had way more nominations than I intended to have in a poll. I used all sorts of methods to thin the lists. I'm not saying the 20 selected in a given category are better than the ones not selected.

Mine deserves to be in beca... (Below threshold)

Mine deserves to be in because I'm just too darn self indulgant on my blog to win anything. In fact, I'm doing it again now. Daaaahngitt!

<a href="http://belmontclub... (Below threshold)

The Belmont Club.


Vicky at <a href="http://li... (Below threshold)

Vicky at Liquid Courage. Yeah, she's my wife, but she's as funny and lot more mean than most of them out there.

I agree with the Belmont Club, as well.

This is a travesty! An out... (Below threshold)

This is a travesty! An outrage! A scandal!!!

To be snubbed like this. Why, it's an insult to my good name. I demand justice ... and ... oh ... oops ... heh, heh ... uh ... nevermind.

I see that I am on the poll after all.

Well, in that case, how's about me renominating Mr. Oglesby over at Possumblog? I mean, he IS the head honcho of the Axis of Weevil and all. And well, gosh, I'd feel just awful if I had to give him back the money he sent me after I nominated him the first go 'round. 'Course, I haven't actually RECEIVED his check yet, but he promised it was in the mail ...

I'll second the Liquid Cour... (Below threshold)

I'll second the Liquid Courage nomination because she's smart, sassy, witty, cynical, and one of my best friends (although that has not biased me in any way at all, nope, not a chance).

Possumblog is a good 'un. ... (Below threshold)

Possumblog is a good 'un. He's better than some of the ones running away with several categories.

PoliBlog should prolly be listed in the Masturbating Marmoset category, too. He's got to be better than those sites I've never heard of.

'Cause maybe I'll post the ... (Below threshold)

'Cause maybe I'll post the red dress pic someday? Because I laughed at James Joyner's "Masturbating Marmoset" category. Because I'm a geek chick who likes hockey? I dunno, Kevin - missing Brian (who wasn't nominated for anything, I don't think) is much more of a travesty than overlooking me.


I'd like to second <a href=... (Below threshold)

I'd like to second Voodoo Lounge. He didn't mean to call anyone a son of a windowdresser. It's just the stress of competition getting to him.

<a href="http://www.pardonm... (Below threshold)

Pardon My English started group blogging September 1, 2003, as a conservative topics blog for blog lurkers who didn't own their own blog. In it's first three months, the site got 12,000 hits, and is an Adorable Little Rodent in the Blogosphere, and came in a close second to cheating blogger (who no longer blogs) in the New Blog Showcase.
in 3+ months of blogging, there have 140 posts by 8 team members, with 700 comments made by 77 different people.

I think we did pretty well....there are a number of categories Pardon My English could have been nominated for, but this category seems to fit the bill.

If <a href="http://captaine... (Below threshold)

If Captain's Quarters was "egregiously" left off of any lists (which I highly doubt -- some great blogs are on these lists), maybe it would either be Best New Blog or Marauding Marsupials. I've posted over 500 posts in two months since I started. Either I'm doing pretty well, or I am disturbed and should be stopped for my own good.

But if you don't think I make the cut, you may want to take another look at QandO. Jon does a great job with his blog and is a fellow Marauding Marsupial. Twilight Cafe is also an excellent female-authored blog.

I was out of town most of t... (Below threshold)

I was out of town most of this week and didn't get to check out my usual reading list because of limited internet access. Had I caught the deadline I would have nominated myself for at least the new blogs in 2003 category or the Large Mammals category.

I'd like to reiterate that ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to reiterate that I think Clear Lake Reflections deserves consideration for best New Blog in 2003. It's not a war blog, it's not a digest of news tidbits culled from elsewhere, it's personal observations, introspection and essays, along with some nice photographs. It's unique and content-rich. For those reasons, I think it deserves another look.


You really should have incl... (Below threshold)

You really should have included On The Fritz. The guy can be very funny, he's been around a while--hell, he's even on your blogroll!

I'm not whining for me. Mos... (Below threshold)

I'm not whining for me. Mostly bcause we're in one to the categories. ;]

But! I think it's a foul miscarriage of something or other that The Laughing Wolf isn't listed in any of the polls. Unless he is, and I missed it, in which case, nebber mind. But I didn't see him. And the 'Wolf's one of the best Tech/Space/Journalism bloggers on the face of the 'Net, bar none.

I protest! No Oil for Blood! Eeewww... End Wolf Discrimination! ;]

I'm appalled to see that Di... (Below threshold)

I'm appalled to see that Dizzy Girl wasn't nominated. Appalled I say! I demand to be added....or the puppy gets it!

<a href="http://mcfrank.blo... (Below threshold)

Molotov Cocktail Frank.

Random admirer, September 26: "A richly textured piece of political literature. It deserves a classier venue."


I second Informed Comment a... (Below threshold)

I second Informed Comment and motion that wackyfun dot net be chucked in, too.

Maybe because it's just so damned wacky. And yellow. And it features lines like 'Christopher Walken in a romance is the same thing as Josef Stalin and Nikita Kruschev performing a ballet duet in little pink tutus. '

Once again: yellow.

Kevin = I have been told by... (Below threshold)

Kevin = I have been told by my son I should be included because I'm the best mom he's ever had. He could care less about my blog, but do feel free to add me in.


I don't know how egregious ... (Below threshold)

I don't know how egregious any omission could be, but Cap'n Ed does do a damn good job.

I should be in because I st... (Below threshold)

I should be in because I started the Axis of Naughty and I stayed up with you during the Blogathon, but I will not beg. I will not stoop to such lows. Instead, I second the QandO nomination as well as suggest DF Moore, who was originally nominated twice that I know of...and who participates in Blogs for Bush as well as Bsurot Tovot.

<a href="http://www.qando.b... (Below threshold)
<a href="http://captained.b... (Below threshold)

Captain's Quarter's and Q and O, both new blogs, include a lot of analysis.

There's a lot of new talent around, so it's hard to limit myself to these two, but I do think they both stand out on content.


Not a Fish, <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Not a Fish, http://imshin.blogspot.com, should
have been nominated for best female blog, IMHO.

Jennifer's History and... (Below threshold) Thanks to those who nominat... (Below threshold)

Thanks to those who nominated QandO. I'd rather not nominate myself, as it feels...unseemly. (if nobody will nominate me, maybe there's a reason...)

I'll second the nom for Captains Quarters. Consistently good stuff. Also Jenlars, who has been doing interesting interviews. Econopundit and the Belgravia Dispatch and JustOneMinute, too, for sheer quality.

I'm suprised some of them weren't in the Best Blog category, already.

<a href="http://www.snoozeb... (Below threshold)

Snooze Button Dreams was callously and horrifically absent from every poll, despite being eligible for almost every one of the categories. Best overall blog? Damn straight. Best Conservative AND Best Liberal? I got 'em both covered. Humor? Oh, yeah, baby. Group blog? The voices in my head say I should have been a shoe in. Best blog authored by a female? Well, I've been called a bitch on numerous occasions so that should qualify me.

In short, I should have swept these things like a Lord of the Rings movie at the Oscars but a conspiracy of silence has shut me out. It is abosolutely critical that Snooze Button Dreams be represented in the last gasp poll. It's a chance for the Weblog Awards to fight back against the anti-snoozists and, let's face the reality, the only chance for the 2003 Weblog Awards to regain some legitimacy in the eyes of the Blogosphere.

And Jen's History and Stuff really does have to be in there. She's the bomb. Unless it's a choice between her and me. In that case she's way overrated and offers insubstantial content.

I think that we should all ... (Below threshold)

I think that we should all be ashamed of not remembering THE quintessential liberal blogger - a man hated far and wide across the blogiverse - someone who has more "I hate you" sites devoted to his politics than any other blogger I know of...I'm speaking, of course, of Jack Cluth at The People's Republic of Seabrook.

I consider myself to be a bed-wetting, bleeding heart liberal but sometimes Jack still manages to shock me and make me utter "Wacko Jacko" without it having anything to do with Michael Jackson.

He saves more animals each year than PETA and not only is a full vegan, he won't even eat any food that casts a shadow. He was once featured in his local paper for his controversial, "I'd rather go naked than wear anything that's been within ten miles of fur!" campaign.

He's filed suit against grocery stores, effectively demanding that meat and animal by-products adhere to a strict restraining order demanding them to say further than fifty feet away from his beloved Vegan fare.

This makes him wildly unpopular in Texas, the "If it's dead throw it on the fire with some bbq sauce" state. But he knows he has to go where the need is greatest. Do you find Mormon missionaries in Utah? No, they go to Africa. This is the same driving principle which caused Jack to leave Minnesota - where he would blend in perfectly - to move to the killingest state in the Union. (Texas is still in the union, right?)

He's offered to personally transport each and every troop home from Iraq in his solar-powered, eco-friendly combination jet ski/helicopter. He plans to sit down with the Iraqi dissidents over some chai tea with soy milk to "Talk this out like adults".

He endorses Clark for president, for cripes sake!

So please consider adding Jack to this category. Keep in mind his personal motto: "Solar powered geodesic domes for all, a tofu brick in every pot and an abortion for every woman without forcing a waiting period!"

Jack Cluth: The Red's Red.

Eurotrash. Eurotrash. Eur... (Below threshold)

Eurotrash. Eurotrash. Eurotrash.

Another reason for my site ... (Below threshold)

Another reason for my site being in this category:


The Blog Herald www.blog... (Below threshold)

The Blog Herald www.blogherald.com as we have desperately sort an award since launching in April, and despite making headlines in diverse places such as CBS Marketwatch and MSNBC, no one will give us an award! So we beg for the charity of the season for an award worth having, and Egregious Omission award from Wizbang! tens of thousands of visitors cant be wrong! :-)






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