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Checking In

Just wanted to drop in and say "hi" as I head back to the listings to finish up the polls. It appears that most folks are enjoying the 2003 Weblog Awards. In case it is not obvious to everyone, this should be a fun competition. There are a lot of sites to visit and learn about outside the Best Overall Blog category. So far it has been good clean fun between all the contestants. There is nothing wrong with a little gamesmanship, so have fun with it.

To sites linking to the polls feel free to link to the poll you are in (that's what the link icon is for) or to the main poll page. If you know what you are doing you can link to the results. My only request is that you don't link with a voting query string. If you don't know what that is; don't worry you are not likely to be able to accidentally do it.

Meryl Yourish is handicaping the races.

Wait until the media/journalist types find out they are in competition with each other. *Ahem* I'm on the market. I've got time for interviews of all sorts...

Since I don't have to worry about work finding out about the blog, I'll be posting under my full name now... Liberation!!!

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"I'll be posting under my f... (Below threshold)

"I'll be posting under my full name, now..."

Dang, and I was just going to offer you a great position with full benefits...wish you hadn't of done that...

Just kidding! I've been unemployed since April...best vacation I've ever had, thanks to unemployment and VA Disability. Take the Holidays off, and get back to work in March or so...Joi de vivre!

Along with Primal Purge, Ol... (Below threshold)

Along with Primal Purge, Oldcatman reigns as best original humor! As I suspect, blog visits counts are fradulent....humor for 90% of the bloggers is a 'pie in the face', anything else is beyond their intellect......sure wish I could find a group of 10%ers!






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