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2003 Weblog Awards Support

Use this post to ask questions or notify me of problems.

Click the graphic below to enter the polls.

2003 Weblog Awards

If you are having trouble voting try refreshing you browser; many times that fixes the problem. If you are having problems with extended poll lockout, use this
link to reset your counters. Abuse will get you banned.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 2003 Weblog Awards Support:

» Who Tends the Fires linked with Cast your votes, folks!

Comments (10)

Did you get the email I sen... (Below threshold)

Did you get the email I sent you with the revised button (with border)?

Kevin, my readers are telli... (Below threshold)

Kevin, my readers are telling me that even today, they are unable to vote for me though 20 hours have passed. Refreshing does not help. Accusations are flying that the vote is rigged. They are accepting my assurances to the contrary, bt the frustration is building. It's Florida 2000 all over again! Please step in before the rioting starts!

The skinning code was killi... (Below threshold)

The skinning code was killing things munging up the cookie for the last couple hours. If you delete the wizbangblog.com cookie you will be reset. It's working fine now.

A minor detail -- my entry ... (Below threshold)

A minor detail -- my entry is mis-spelled:

should be "Politburo Diktat"

not "Poitburo Diktat"

I have thousands of automated "vote-bots" set up, and they have been unable to connect, as they are programmed to look exactly for "Politburo Diktat"

i can't believe dave barry ... (Below threshold)

i can't believe dave barry has given me his blessing and wants me to beat him... see:
dave's blessing for gigglechick

Kevin, can you rig it so TA... (Below threshold)

Kevin, can you rig it so TAM wins? I promise you'll have a REALLY good Christmas. ;-)

How about a little help for... (Below threshold)

How about a little help for those of us who don't know where the cookie is? Or how about a file name. I don't even know where to start looking.

Something like this in your... (Below threshold)

Something like this in your Cookies folder:

Cookie:[email protected]/

Or you can use your browser delete cookies function.

When are you closing the vo... (Below threshold)

When are you closing the votes?

When I click on "Most Egreg... (Below threshold)

When I click on "Most Egregious Omission", nothing happens. I want Jerry Pournelle to win, because he started doing this before most of you people learned how to type.(Oh, he doesn't call his a "blog" (ugly, ugly non-word),he calls it a Daybook. (That's English for "diary")






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