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I'll Have A Drunk Sorority Girl Burger Please

Hooters to get some competition? The weekend warrior crowd has to eat somewhere.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The company behind the hugely popular series said it has teamed up with Jive Records, home of Britney Spears (news) and 'N Sync (news - web sites), to create a series of "Girls Gone Wild" compilation CDs.


As well as the music deal with Jive, Mantra is also working on a "Girls Gone Wild" feature project at MGM, and also plans to unveil a restaurant chain and apparel line in 2004.

The president of Girls Gone Wild is having his own personal legal troubles.

Comments (4)

"I'll Have A Drunk Sorority... (Below threshold)

"I'll Have A Drunk Sorority Girl Burger Please". After, that is, I've scrubbed her with a brick.

Would you like cheese with ... (Below threshold)

Would you like cheese with that?

Hooters is like Playboy, wh... (Below threshold)

Hooters is like Playboy, while this new little venture seems like it will be more similar to Penthouse. ..or worse!

Seems to me it would be dif... (Below threshold)

Seems to me it would be difficult to enjoy my meal with a crowd of screaming, half-naked college girls climbing all over me.

Aw, who cares about the meal anyway?






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