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The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

Pud of F****dCompany.com has one of the funniest internal memos of the year. This one is from Wal Mart and involves toilet humor (work safe).

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I am not really sure this i... (Below threshold)

I am not really sure this is from Wal Mart however, as most of the clues point otherwise. The item said somethin' about a Wal Mart Culture, which I took to mean the current means of structure in the service industry. I, of course, could also be wrong on this.

If you look at the bottom o... (Below threshold)

If you look at the bottom of the memo it says something to the effect of "WalMart Stores Inc. Confidential" and the reference to "Our Wal Mart Culture" was very much in the same vein as several other large companies when they refer to "Our ________ Culture" -- it may not be a genuine article, but I don't think it's mis-labelled. Just my $0.02.






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