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Town Mayor In Clothless Flap

Take away the flowers and sweater and you would have the picture in questionFrom WMAQ NBC Chicago:

The mayor of Houston, British Columbia, finds herself at the center of an embarrassing spotlight after pictures showing her nude turned up on the Internet.

Sharon Smith, 48, said her husband took the photo during a private session because he was proud of her being the mayor. The photo shows her sitting in the mayor's chair, naked, with a chain necklace.

The pictures reportedly were stored on Smith's home computer and stolen during a party thrown by her children.
Smith said she would not apologize for the nude photo session because the pictures are private property and should not have been made public.

"I am very hurt and embarrassed," Smith said.

Update: Big surprise the UK tabloid The Sun has the picture in question.


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Comments (13)

I never thought to see Hous... (Below threshold)

I never thought to see Houston in the news! It's a little tiny place near the tiny place my mum is from -- Smithers -- in northern B.C.

And how did that convo go?<... (Below threshold)

And how did that convo go?

"Hey honey! Your'e the Mayor! Let's take some nudie pics of you. I'm so proud..."

That is quite a story. Our... (Below threshold)

That is quite a story. Our mayor is a lemonhead, but apart from that, he is clothed.

So, the Paris Hilton hits h... (Below threshold)

So, the Paris Hilton hits have died down, huh?

Something tells me that Goo... (Below threshold)

Something tells me that Googlers aren't going to be quite as interested in Mrs. Smith as they were in Paris.

Just a guess.

Now, how nude? It doesn't r... (Below threshold)

Now, how nude? It doesn't really say.

There's nude, and then there's NUDE.

I know of a pose I could do - completely nude but with the moneymakers covered - that my own mother would approve even for front-page blog posting. I guess I'd better remember the necklace if I want any attention, though.

I'm rolling my eyes. She's probably most embarrassed because she was blindsided. And I'm glad she didn't apologize.


Is she the flavor of the we... (Below threshold)

Is she the flavor of the week? I doubt she will garner nearly the interest that Paris Hilton did.

It's really just one of those odd news stories.

YOu know, she's got a butta... (Below threshold)

YOu know, she's got a buttaface, but the body ain't bad for a 48 year old. Maybe the Sun airbrushed it?

It looks like she subscribe... (Below threshold)

It looks like she subscribes to the Jen Lars school personal grooming.

The picture is on most of t... (Below threshold)

The picture is on most of the telephone poles in all the trailor parks in Houston B.C. What a stupid thing to do, by posing in the mayor's chair only in the chain of office. The picture going around to people from Houston, and ex-patriots, are complete full frontals. Yes, she's not bad. Not a bad figure,....how stupid to leave it lying about with computer savvy kids. Tells me a lot more about her ability as a polition. At least Gordon Campbell was apologitic. Sorry! I wouldn't want her representing me...As we say in Hawaii..."Where yo head sseesta?"

Would somebody send me the ... (Below threshold)

Would somebody send me the unedited photo?

dude - you don't want it - ... (Below threshold)

dude - you don't want it - shes just a naked old BAG!

come on people you would th... (Below threshold)

come on people you would think that you never saw anyone nacked befor, and she wasn't posing for the internet.Her rights have been violated by the ones that put these pics on the internet. They stole her picture out of her home and theft is theft, it has nothing to do with her ability to do her job. As for not apoligising, i say good for her. She has nothing to apoligize for.






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