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Mailbag: Blogrolling Question

I've decided to publicly answer some blogging questions that I get via e-mail. This will probably become a semi regular feature. I've established a Mailbag category to collect all of the Q&A posts.

Q: How does a "newbie" typically make it on to other blogs lists/refers? Is there an acceptable way to ask other bloggers if they'll trade listings (references)?

A: You can ask, but don't be surprised or dejected if you get no response or action. Start with other newer blogs who are generally more amenable, then work your way up. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to ask another blogger for a blogroll link unless you have first blogrolled them.

Personally I've never asked anyone for a blogroll link. I've found that if I link them first and link to content from their site they will usually reciprocate. My policy has always been to use the blogrolling.com search function to find other blogrolling sites that have me blogrolled and add them to my reciprocal blogroll. I'm not saying you shouldn't ask for blogroll links, just that I've built a large blogroll and reciprocal blogroll this way.

So here is my advice:

Get a blogrolling.com account and add it to your site. Add your favorite sites to your blogroll. Link to their content, and send trackbacks. Over time most will notice you and some will blogroll you. Blogroll sites that blogroll you as quickly as possible (Use Technorati to see who is linking to you). Remember to add other newer sites to your blogroll too, as those folks will be the most likely to reciprocate your link.

Register for your blog on the TTLB Ecosystem. Examine the details at Technorati and the Ecosystem on a regular basis to find new sites that have blogrolled you. Reciprocate the links as soon as possible.

Many bloggers make a point of noting when other sites blogroll them.

One final piece of advice: Don't get too wrapped up in the whole thing; blog well and link to others occasionally and things will work themselves out.

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FYI, The blogrolling search... (Below threshold)

FYI, The blogrolling search function is offline until Dec. 14.

Thanks for the tips. Those... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the tips. Those are very helpful! :)

This sounds like some sort ... (Below threshold)

This sounds like some sort of weird geek mating ritual, "The Cosmic Dance of The Blogroll". Thanks for the info!






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