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Beat Indymedia To The Story

Given the news of Saddam's capture conspiracy theorists are going to be working overtime to outdo each other. Why not beat them to the punch? Make up your wildest conspiracy theory about the capture of Saddam and trackback to this post.

Here's mine:

Isn't it convenient that the capture comes right on the heals of the Halliburton gas price scandal? Seems a little too convenient. Obviously they've had Saddam for months waiting for just the right moment to "announce" his capture. Cheney forced the issue to bring him out of hiding now to protect his Halliburton buddies. He wants to push the gas price scandal out of view, and he's going to succeed unless we keep attacking.

Update: I forgot to mention if your blogging platform doesn't send trackbacks (i.e. Blogger) you can use my Stand Alone Trackback Pinger to send a ping to this post.

Also, great minds think alike...


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Comments (13)

I heard Saddam kept mutteri... (Below threshold)

I heard Saddam kept muttering "Artie took my job" to himself when they captured him.

I couldn't get the trackbac... (Below threshold)

I couldn't get the trackback to work, but I have three words for you:

C. I. A.

No soup for you, Saddam.

Sorry had a typo in the sta... (Below threshold)

Sorry had a typo in the stand alone trackback URL. It's fixed now.

why lairs? SAY TRUE... (Below threshold)

why lairs? SAY TRUE

It is not Saddam. It's a re... (Below threshold)

It is not Saddam. It's a reincarnation of Karl Marx. Just look at that beard.

Fools, all of you!<br... (Below threshold)

Fools, all of you!

There nerver was a Saddam Hussein.

His entire existence was an elaborate fabrication by the Jewish speculators who controlled Enron's board of directors in an attempt to manipulate the masses.

... and you worthless proles let them get away with it.

None of these submissions t... (Below threshold)

None of these submissions truly resembles an Indymedia rant -- they show too much imagination, and since imagination is a function of intelligence...

In much the same way that t... (Below threshold)

In much the same way that they threw together the Thanksgiving visit as soon as they heard about Hillary's trip. I believe they found Saddam after pulling out al the stops becauese they heard rumors that Jessee Jackson was going to fly to Iraq to negotiate his surrender and they wanted to beat him to it.

hmmm so you want Indymedia ... (Below threshold)

hmmm so you want Indymedia huh???

Blah blah blah Halliburton, blah blah Rumsfeld, blah blah blah blah Wolfowitz, blah blah blah Halliburton, blah blah Cheney, blah blah blah, Wolfowitz blah blah Jew, blah blah Bush, blah blah Rove.

Blah blah Rove, blah blah blah Wolfowitz, blah Wolfowitz, blah Wolfowitz, blah blah Wolfowitz Wolfowitz Wolfowitz Wolfowitz, blah blah Rove.

What part of it did you not understand?

Kevin,I wanted to ... (Below threshold)


I wanted to let you know that I found out just a few days ago about your neat "stand alone" trackback form. (I found it via Venomous Kate's entries.) I put it to good use... I wish I had known about it sooner! Thank you so much for coming up with a system so that those of us who don't use Movable Type (or whatever other blogging system has built-in trackbacks) can still ping other blog entries. This is a very useful tool, and I anticipate using it, at least somewhat, in the future. Keep up the good work!

The entire capture of Sadda... (Below threshold)

The entire capture of Saddam Hussein was probably negotiated before the war. Think about it. We could have bombed him dozens of times but we let him escape every time. If that isn't suspicious enough Saddam was in the oil business, Halliburton is in the oil business. Hussein has probably always been in the pay of Halliburton. They are planning on pretending to execute him and they will actually just kill one of his doubles and Hussein will continue serving on the Halliburton board. The entire war is a lie designed by Karl Rove to help the Republicans win the mid-term elections. We need to get the media to pay attention to this obvious scandal so that the impeachment proceedings can begin.

First, that wasn't really S... (Below threshold)
scott h.:

First, that wasn't really Saddam Hussein. Have I blown your mind yet? How about now: The man in the videos, the man purported to be Saddam Hussein, is in fact... Dick Cheney. All that time spent in an "undisclosed location"? Baghdad. The CIA used 9/11 as a cover to make the switch. He's been shuttling back and forth for the past several years. (They used that experience to get Bush in for the "Thanksgiving Surprise") Originally, Cheney was just going to rule Iraq, they would end sanctions, give the oil to Halliburton, etc. But Saddam's inner circle was catching on, so they went to Plan B, invasion, get rid of the inner circle, anyone suspicious, anyone noticing Saddam starting to avoid microwaves (pacemaker!). Think about it, Saddam's sons killed, but Saddam himself gives up without a fight? That dog don't hunt! Didn't you see how that soldier was treating him? Gently, because he's the Veep. He wasn't checking for lice, he was making sure the wig was properly attached.

(Seriously, I expect an Indymediot to claim that on the Thanksgiving trip, Bush wasn't the only thing they smuggled into Iraq.)

I should've added that the ... (Below threshold)
scott h.:

I should've added that the Saddam mask they used for Cheney was smuggled into Iraq inside of the plastic turkey.






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