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Blogosphere To Goldberg: "F**k You"

As noted by Xrlq, Jonah Goldberg ends an otherwise thoughtful article on the campaign finance reform decision with a gratuitous swipe at all bloggers not named Reynolds or Volokh. Here is the paragraph:

By the way, where the hell is this much-vaunted blogosphere? If three freshman congressmen from Wisconsin hinted that they wanted to regulate the use of umlauts on the internet in honor of Leif Ericson's birthday, bloggers would be on the steps of Congress up-ending cans of gasoline on themselves in protest at such an infringement on free speech. But here we have all three branches of the government severely restricting independent speech outside of the dinosaurs of Old Media and the relative silence minus a few noble exceptions (The Volokh conspiracy, Instapundit) is deafening.
Read between the lines here and see that it's OK to criticize the rest of us, but the super A-listers get a ass kissing pass. As Xrlq correctly points out Instapundit had 0 posts on the decision at the time Goldberg published his article. Which means the logic of the whole paragraph falls on its face. Goldberg was gambling that Glenn would have a multitude of posts on the topic so he was being awarded an "atta-boy" sight unseen. Frankly that is the most intellectually dishonest piece of writing I've seen in months.

Two points:

1) Most of us have full time jobs doing things besides pouring over breaking news. There was plenty of coverage of the decision in the top 100 blogs.

2) The decision was 295 pages. Even the Volokh Conspiracy had to post updates on impressions during the initial read through.

By the way I'd like to welcome TNR as a BlogAds sponsor starting Jan. 1.

Comments (3)

Not to mention that virtual... (Below threshold)

Not to mention that virtually all of us had posts on this within an hour or so of the announcement. Bizarre.

Or maybe he forgot where... (Below threshold)

Or maybe he forgot where he'd seen the posts. Why don't you ask him? Wow, one thing we bloggers are not is investigative reporters.

Doug: if he did forget wher... (Below threshold)

Doug: if he did forget where he saw the blog entries and falsely reported the wrong ones, how is that any better? In any event, falsely stating that Instapundit blogged on the topic was a relatively minor error. The major one was falsely stating that the Blogosphere as a whole was largely silent on the matter. A quick visit to Daypop or Technorati would have made it clear that this was not the case.






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