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2003 Weblog Awards - Winners

2003 Weblog Awards

Based on over 63,000 votes cast during the ten days polls were open (12/5/2003 -12/14/2003), here are the 22 winners of 2003 Weblog Awards. Congratulations!

Best Overall Blog

Little Green Footballs

Best New Blog (Established in 2003)

Allah Is In The House

Best Group Blog

The Volokh Conspiracy

Best Foreign Blog

Best Humor Blog

Allah Is In The House

Best Looking Blog

Best Female Authored Blog (tie)

Meryl Yourish   Asymmetrical Information

Best Liberal Blog

Michael J. Totten

Best Conservative Blog

Hugh Hewitt

Best Media/Journalist Blog

Opinion Journal (Best Of The Web by James Taranto)
Opinion Journal (Best Of The Web by James Taranto)

Best Ecosystem Higher Beings & Mortal Humans Blog

Best Ecosystem Playful Primates Blog

Best Ecosystem Large Mammals Blog

damnum absque injuria

Best Ecosystem Marauding Marsupials Blog

Patterico's Pontifications

Best Ecosystem Adorable Rodents Blog

Yale Diva

Best Ecosystem Flappy Birds Blog

Busy Mom Blog

Best Ecosystem Slithering Reptiles Blog

Buddha's Den

Best Ecosystem Crawly Amphibians Blog

Tasty Manatees

Best Ecosystem Flippery Fish Blog

Sweetness Follows

Best Ecosystem Slimy Molluscs (and below) Blog

Most Egregious Omission

Not A Fish

Winners logo's and HTML code will be available here Tuesday. The poll page will remain in place so you may continue to link to it and the results. The content of this post will be copied into the header section of the poll page as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated, those who have sent well wishes, and especially Michele, Cheyenne, and the King for their assistance.

I'll try to recap the though process behind the design and operation of the awards at some point in the next few days. The participation in terms of nominations and voting has been amazing. There were lessons learned along the way that will make next years Weblog Awards even better.

I think most people liked the idea of competing against sites from the same TTLB Ecosystem level, but I think for next year we are going to need some better "awards show" names for those categories. I'm open to suggestions...

Text Listing Of the Winners:


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Comments (10)

Thanks for all your hardf w... (Below threshold)

Thanks for all your hardf work on this, I have enjoyed it.

Good work, Kevin! I don't ... (Below threshold)

Good work, Kevin! I don't even want to think about how hard it was to run this, you deserve an award yourself for devoting the time and effort you did.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Excellent effort Kevin. i c... (Below threshold)

Excellent effort Kevin. i cant imagine taking on such a daunting task. Kudos.

Thanks for your hard work o... (Below threshold)

Thanks for your hard work on this!

Bravo Mr. Aylward. Bravo. F... (Below threshold)

Bravo Mr. Aylward. Bravo. Fun, exciting, and a little drama thrown in for good measure.

The sound of loud applause could be heard.

Excellent work Kevin! This ... (Below threshold)

Excellent work Kevin! This just rocks man! And congrats to all the winners.

Thanks for setting up the a... (Below threshold)

Thanks for setting up the awards. I'm sure it was a tough job. I'm sure we all had fun with it. I know I did.
Thanks again

Methinks you need to audit ... (Below threshold)

Methinks you need to audit how the nominees are vetted, because Michael Totten is a "liberal" the same way miniature golf is a "sport". Hell, even he admits to being the blog equivalent of Alan Colmes:

(Here's one of his statements from Dec. 14th.)
"Hey, T-bogg. I know you hate me because I left the left. But you're part of the reason I left the left. I used to miss it, but comments like yours make me feel a whole lot better about my decision.

Posted by Michael at 01:18 PM"

Don't let the "Little Green F*ckballs" hijack your polls.

Maybe BushSux.org would lik... (Below threshold)

Maybe BushSux.org would like to run its own weblog awards?

An interesting and - dare I... (Below threshold)

An interesting and - dare I say it - even eclectic selection of blogs. Thanks for running the awards, and thanks for bringing these blogs to my attention!!






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