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As my high school football coach would have said, "Act like you've been there before". There should be a rule that if a guy who scores a touchdown pulls shit like this you get to clean his clock right then and there. Now that would make things more interesting. Do you think Dick Butkis or Mean Joe Greene would have put up with shit like this? Hell no. Horn would be doing his press interviews from a hospital bed.

San Francisco Chronicle - Joe Horn really did phone it in Sunday night.

The New Orleans receiver couldn't wait to talk about his touchdown, so he pulled out a cell phone and made a call -- from the end zone!

After catching the second of four touchdown passes against the New York Giants, Horn was handed a flip-phone by teammate Michael Lewis, who pulled it out from under the padding used to protect the goal post.

Horn was still wearing his helmet when he punched in numbers, put the phone to the earhole and began speaking into it for a few seconds.

"I had told my kids to be at home, watching the game, and I told my momma, `Mom, if I score the second one, I'm going to get my cell phone out,"' Horn said.

Lewis was not supposed to be part of the prank. He stepped in when Horn could not fine the phone in the padding. If Lewis is fined, Horn said he would pay it.

Horn then ran back to his bench and was confronted by coach Jim Haslett.

And the worst part was that his coach is going to let him skate.
"You don't do stuff like that," Haslett said after the game. "I know it was premeditated. I know it was national television. But you don't do it.

"I won't fine him," he said, grinning.

Horn, though, played the rest of the game and finished with nine catches for 119 yards.

Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, or Chuck Noll would have cut his ass right there on the spot. Of course Haslett is too worried about his own job to discipline a star player. Demonstrating that you are a complete pushover doesn't seem like a strong resume move for a guy who will likely get canned at the end of the season...

Update: Acidman calls it, "nothing but Soul Train in cleats and colorful uniforms." With antics like Horn's the argument could be made that it's WWE with shoulder pads.

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Hate to burst your bubble b... (Below threshold)

Hate to burst your bubble but the odds of Haslett getting fired at the end of the season are zero.

Today's athletes have no cl... (Below threshold)

Today's athletes have no class.

Landry would have ripped hi... (Below threshold)

Landry would have ripped his uniform off, kicked him in the ass and had him escorted out of the stadium. (I'm not sure Lombardi would have understood the frightening, modern mobile telephone)

Lombardi would have whipped... (Below threshold)

Lombardi would have whipped out a pistol and shot the arrogant SOB on the spot.

I thought the stunt was chi... (Below threshold)
Matt A.:

I thought the stunt was childish and ridiculous. As many can see now it is these outrageous stunts that are leading to the competition and problems with showboating in the little leagues!(LLWS) Andrew Diaz's(Harlem) 2 run homer.






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