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Christmas Gifts For TV Lovers

In case you are looking for an inexpensive gift for a relative or friend who happens to be a DirecTV subscriber, Circuit City is offering a Hughes DirecTivo Dual Tuner 35 Hour Unit for $99. If they are a Total Choice subscriber their is no TiVo service fee. The same unit a few weeks ago was over $300.

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A good deal indeed; I think... (Below threshold)

A good deal indeed; I think mine was $175. And worth it at that.

I've considered getting my folks one and getting them to switch over to DirecTV from cable, although that box would drive my mom nuts.

If you look around you can ... (Below threshold)

If you look around you can get a much better deal than that... I managed to find a way to get the box free and get a 70 dollar rebate check in the mail. If you consider the service is 5 bucks a month, if you have the regular direct TV, I get the box and the service free for a whole year AND I get 10 bucks in my pocket.

What a country!






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