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Another Year, Another Crappy Santa Picture

I don't know why we bother...


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Santa looks more ticked off... (Below threshold)

Santa looks more ticked off than they do!

One of my most prized photo... (Below threshold)

One of my most prized photos is of me and my twin brother sitting on Santa's lap when we were litttle. I don't know why I'm so fond of it. I think it is because it reminds me of all of the great times we shared growing up. It has been 40 years since that photo was taken and I still look forward to spending the holidays with my brother and getting our picture taken together.

I think I'm going to scan that photo and post it on my blog tonight.

i wish i could find it, but... (Below threshold)

i wish i could find it, but when i was 5 i was freaked out by the Santa that i was sitting on and they snapped the photo just as he stuck his tongue out at me and i have a look of horror on my face... maybe they're crying because santa looked tikked off in that photo? (very cute boys... tears and all)

That's the funniest damn th... (Below threshold)

That's the funniest damn thing I've seen all day.

lol I think the Little Gu... (Below threshold)

lol I think the Little Guy actually got near Santa once, in tears. He's 9 this Christmas. I don't think it's going to happen. Loves Santa just doesn't want to be near Santa.

The wife wanted the picture... (Below threshold)

The wife wanted the picture didn't she?

Just Damn.... I have had a ... (Below threshold)

Just Damn.... I have had a brutal day today, and I got my first laugh at 10:52 EST.

Thanks, and now I do not feel so bad not slepping my boys over the Psycho Santa Land at the Mall.

Yes the wife wanted the pic... (Below threshold)

Yes the wife wanted the picture.

I'm glad everyone got a chuckle from this though. It makes it worth the $15 we spent...

It will be worth even more ... (Below threshold)

It will be worth even more when they are old enough to date. Show it to their girlfriends for a good laugh.

You'll cherish that picture... (Below threshold)

You'll cherish that picture as they drive away to college.

Trust me on this one. Heh.

$15?? That's it? Sheesh - I... (Below threshold)

$15?? That's it? Sheesh - I spent a lot more than that on our Santa pics. Of course, our Santa doesn't look postal. No wonder the boys are crying. Hell, *I'd* be crying. He looks mean and surly.
{{{hugs}}} Poor lil guys.

These are the best pictures... (Below threshold)

These are the best pictures! Now I am going to have to scan in the Calblog twins at that age. Maddy placid as can be and Amanda hysterical. That pretty much described every day all day then.






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