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Meet The New Neighbors

On behalf of all Washington area residents, I'd like to thank the judge in this case for allowing a deranged psychopath to wander our neighborhoods.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The man who shot Ronald Reagan may visit his parents without staff from the mental hospital where he has lived for more than two decades, a judge ruled Wednesday over the objections of the former president's family and federal officials.

In a 50-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman granted John Hinckley Jr. six unsupervised visits in the Washington area. However, he attached some strict conditions and rejected Hinckley's request to travel to his parents' home in Williamsburg, Va., about three hours south of the nation's capital.

"All of the evidence submitted to the court weighs heavily in favor of finding that Mr. Hinckley, under appropriate conditions as outlined in this opinion, will not be a danger to himself or others," Friedman said.

I bet the judge would have a different opinion if Hinckley had HIS home address...

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I'll bet it can be arranged... (Below threshold)

I'll bet it can be arranged.






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