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Two Thumbs Up From The Pope

Mel Gibson can rest easy now...

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope John Paul has seen Mel Gibson's controversial film "The Passion" about Christ's final hours and was moved by it, a Vatican source said Thursday.

He said the pope saw the film with his long-time Polish secretary, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, about 10 days ago.

The source also confirmed reports that the pope told his secretary after viewing the film: "It is as it was," meaning he considered it an authentic portrayal of Gospel accounts of the last hours in Christ's life.


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Comments (5)

Given his physical state, h... (Below threshold)

Given his physical state, how do we know that the Pontiff wasn't just talking about the popcorn?

"Two Thumbs Up from the Pop... (Below threshold)

"Two Thumbs Up from the Pope"...

Winner in the 'Headline that will give altar boys nightmares for weeks' category.

I note that other than that... (Below threshold)

I note that other than that comment, nothing about the Pontiff's reaction was released. I want to know if he then excommunicated Gibson for going to Tridentine Mass.

I swear I read your title a... (Below threshold)

I swear I read your title and all I could picture was the Buddy Pope with the big ass cheesy grin and thumbs up. Heh!

I'm an idiot and just got m... (Below threshold)

I'm an idiot and just got my IP address banned!!!!!






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