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How Not To Get Invaded

The words "Moammar Gadhafi" and "rational" have rarely appeared in the same sentence, but the ripple of the invasions of Iraq yields it's biggest success to date. Gadhafi appears to be "getting religion"...

LONDON (AP) - Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi confirmed that his country sought to develop weapons of mass destruction but plans to dismantle all such programs immediately, Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday.

In a statement moments later, President Bush said Libya would allow international inspectors to check for all major weapons in the country, a step he said would be "of great importance" in stopping weapons of mass destruction in a global fight against terrorism.
Britain and the United States have been talking with Libya for nine months, Blair said.

"Libya came to us in March following successful negotiations on Lockerbie to see if it could resolve its weapons of mass destruction issue in a similarly cooperative manner," Blair said in the northern city of Durham.

"Libya has now declared its intent to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction completely and to limit the range of Libyan missiles to no greater than 300 kilometers (187.5 miles)."

Blair said Gadhafi promised that the process would be "transparent and verifiable."

Speaking in Washington, President Bush said, "With today's announcement by its leader, Libya has begun the process of rejoining the community of nations. And Colonel Gadhafi knows the way forward.

"Libya should carry out the commitments announced today."

Given the fate of Saddam, Gadhafi's number was bound to come up sooner or later. Now he has the chance to wipe the slate clean for his country, and remain in power. Seems like he made a very rational decision.


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He's no fool. I expect slow... (Below threshold)

He's no fool. I expect slow, cautious reforms will also be forthcoming.

His active involvement with... (Below threshold)

His active involvement with terrorism all but vanished after Reagan had his compounds bombed. When someone pointed this out to me I had to admit that, having displayed the ability to learn, Gadhafi seems to fit the broadest definition of "intelligent."

The definition he fits is getting narrower, too, over time.






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