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Everybody Run, The Pageant Queen Has A Gun


Oddly she was the 4th place finisher in the orginal competition, but was elevated to Miss Savannah when the original winner became Miss Georgia.

I bet pageant officials are wishing maybe they gave the crown to the runner-up, or second, or third place finishers right about now.

Miss Savannah - a scholar, teacher, singer and role model - has been charged with murder.

With the death of Kevin Shorter, 25, at Memorial Health University Medical Center on Friday, Sharron Nicole Redmond, 21, will be re-arrested and is expected to turn herself in to authorities today. Her charge of aggravated assault was revised to the slaying charge by the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

Redmond is accused of the Tuesday shooting of Shorter, her boyfriend, at the residence of another woman in the Runaway Point subdivision, east of Savannah.

Read the Savannah Morning News article

Everyone knows the real Miss Savannah is Gennie...


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Comments (13)

I voted for Gennie.... (Below threshold)

I voted for Gennie.

Tee hee. Damn straight. </p... (Below threshold)

Tee hee. Damn straight.

Christ - she looks like an ... (Below threshold)

Christ - she looks like an APE!
Who said such an animal was beautiful?
I'd use my hand first, or turn queer!
What a disgusting society!
Like those words, censor???????

what an ugly nigger... (Below threshold)

what an ugly nigger

Err...tad harsh Eddie. ... (Below threshold)

Err...tad harsh Eddie.

Gennie, I think you got a w... (Below threshold)

Gennie, I think you got a word wrong in that last comment. Should have read,

"Err...tad stupid Eddie."


My bad lol. ;)... (Below threshold)

My bad lol. ;)

I don't know about all that... (Below threshold)

I don't know about all that stuff folks - I think Eddie's correct - she strikes me as a nigger too.
Very typical behavior for such semi-evolved neanderthals.
What the hell, I don't care, tolerating such uncontrollable bipeds is destroying what little is left of Western civilization, and individuals who won't do anything about it deserve exactly what they are getting in our multicultural cesspool.
I'm not worried about that at all, I'm armed, unlike most feckless American folks, and I will defend myself.
I truly love reading articles such as this - maybe they'll kill themselves off, and do the planet a favor.
Any comments?

Well Paul since you are Edd... (Below threshold)

Well Paul since you are Eddie, I have a comment for you... FOAD.

I'm appalled that people st... (Below threshold)

I'm appalled that people still use "that word". Have we not evolved people?

I was going to delete both ... (Below threshold)

I was going to delete both Paul and Eddies comments (they're the same person), but I figured it was better to point out their dimwittery...

I could be wrong. There we... (Below threshold)

I could be wrong. There were two guys on the web cam on this page. It may not be either of them, but it came from their subnet...

Eddie/Paul/ and any other u... (Below threshold)

Eddie/Paul/ and any other uneducated fool that shares their sentiments, Too bad you were nowhere around when the gun was fired. As bad as you say her error in judgement during her time of duress was, you are obviously consciously projecting hatred that speaks far beyond anything that Nicole ever did. This is a highly educated and exposed young lady who really is doing something with her life to make a difference. Yes, an error in judgement has landed her in this very precarious predicament but she is not a criminal. What is criminal is the ignorance from which you speak and our Society would be much better off giving you and others like you a life sentence.






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