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Christmas Checklist

  • Decorated Tree - check
  • Wrapped Presents - check
  • Food - check
  • Booze - check
  • Aspirin - check
  • Watched A Charlie Brown Christmas - check
  • Watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - check
  • Watched It's A Wonderful Life - check ***

There is something missing from that list. It occurred to me this morning. Any guesses?

*** - Thanks to Sean.

Comments (6)

You forgot: Watched A Ch... (Below threshold)

You forgot: Watched A Christmas Story

Well that didn't take too l... (Below threshold)

Well that didn't take too long...

The situation will be rectified tonight when we fire up the Christmas Story DVD.

TNT plays the move all day tomorrow as I recall.

You don't have a single Ran... (Below threshold)

You don't have a single Rankin-Bass animated movie up there! Think of the children! Oh, the humanity.

What's Christmas without Burl Ives singing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"?

Next year you'll have to ad... (Below threshold)

Next year you'll have to add "Elf" to the list.

You forgot to find WMDs in ... (Below threshold)
piquant imp:

You forgot to find WMDs in Iraq.

For us, the holiday movie w... (Below threshold)

For us, the holiday movie was Die Hard.

But, hey, we don't have kids.







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