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I really haven't commented on the fallout from the 2003 Weblog Awards.

One particular column by Steve Outing at Poynteronline did irk me. In it he bemoans the design quality of blogs focusing on the Best Looking Blog category.

First these were open nominations. Gnome-girl and I tried to pick a representative top 20 from the numerous nominations, knowing full well that there were probably better sites out their among the millions of blogs.

Second, no one is getting rich making visually appealing weblogs. The site owners in the poll design for their own enjoyment or hire blog designers to give them as much flair as their limitted budgets can afford. Here I know what of I speak. Ask Robyn and Stacy at Sekimori. I worked with them in the redesign at SportsBlog, which turned out marvelous. We had numerous exchanges in regards to ideas for the site design compared to the "professional" sites like ESPN, CBS Sportsline, FOXSports, etc. Those sites were developed for 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars. SportsBlog was constrained to a budget of hundreds of dollars. Comparing one to the other is an apples to oranges comparison.

Finally, this wouldn't have anything to do with Romensko's eighth place finish in the Best Media/Journalism Blog would it? Romensko and Poynteronline are synonymous.

By the way Orange Haired Boy found this humorous Japenese translation of the Ecosystem categories.

Hat Tip: Arguing With Signposts


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Comments (5)

Ack. Screw 'em. The Award... (Below threshold)

Ack. Screw 'em. The Awards were very well done, and let's face it: it was YOUR contest, and was open to all. I'm happy with the whole thing.

Despite finishing 5th (?) in my category, that is.


I thought the whole thing w... (Below threshold)

I thought the whole thing was great fun, Kevin, and a good idea to boot. Now, see - this is what happens when public schools cater to "self-esteem" instead of education; every kid thinks they ought to get an award. And it rubs off on the grownups!

Personally? If I'd won in my category, I'd have demanded a recount. No WAY blight beats Allah or Kate or OTB or Baldilocks...I mean, I'm good and all - but I'm not THAT good! ;)

I personally thing the blog... (Below threshold)

I personally thing the blogs look way better than the pro sites, yeah so no ads are rather appealing. Designs are good too. There was a good mix of creativity and my blogroll grew as a result.

I happen to think that many... (Below threshold)

I happen to think that many blogs, even the plain ones, look much better than many pro sites: for one thing, most pro sites are packed with distracting, flashy ads, which are not as prevalent on most personal blogs.

see I told you there are th... (Below threshold)

see I told you there are those who just love to corrupt the good things but it's all good as long as we keep doing the good and ignoring the bad :)






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