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Bonfire Of The Vanities Reminder

This weeks edition of the Bonfire is the 6 month anniversary so it will be a "Best Of" edition. Since Christmas week was a low output week for most sites that works out very well.

Anyone who has ever submitted an entry to the Bonfire is invited to pick their best/worst entry via e-mail to bonfire at wizbangblog.com. The Bonfire archive is here if you are looking for past editions. Your pick is due Monday by 9PM EDT. A "best of" post (actually it's more like a "worst of the worst") is not required, you are free to submit new Bonfire worth material as well.

Upcoming Bonfire Stops

Week 26 (Dec. 30) - Wizbang (Six Month Anniversary)
Week 27 (Jan. 6) - Boots and Sabers
Week 28 (Jan. 13) - the evangelical outpost
Week 29 (Jan. 20) - One Fine Jay
Week 30 (Jan. 27) - Southern Musings
Other weeks are filling fast... Contact me via e-mail to sign up to host the Bonfire.

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You got me in March, right?... (Below threshold)

You got me in March, right?

You got me in March, right?... (Below threshold)

You got me in March, right?






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