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New Years Blog Resolutions

It's that time of year...

While everyone may be making the standard personal resolutions of losing weight, getting to the gym, and spending more time with the kids; I figured it may be worthwhile to list a few blog specific goals.

  1. Not assume people know what your are talking about. - One of the problems with blogs is that the temptation to assume that people visiting your site are regular blog readers is high. This can lead to shortcuts in writing or a lack of linking to background material that you just take for granted that your readers already know about. Often this in not the case and it's a dangerous trap to fall into if you are trying to expand your readership. I've resolved to try to remember this with each post I make.

  2. Write more - Well this probably goes without saying. Writing for me comes in ebbs and flows. Some days it's there, others it's more of a labor. The process of coming up with a few interesting posts a day is a good mental challenge that requires those characteristics which we all seek to foster; creativity, commitment, compassion, challenge, etc.

  3. Get a mega deal - Why not aim high? Surely someone will want to pay me top dollar to do this for "the man". Either that or I'll just write the Blogging for Dummies book...
So those are my resolutions for the New Year here at Wizbang.


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Comments (6)

The "Blogging For Dummies" ... (Below threshold)

The "Blogging For Dummies" books have already been done, only they're called "We Blog", "The Weblog Handbook", and so on. Nobody actually buys those, do they?

Actually I think people do.... (Below threshold)

Actually I think people do. Anyway if there was a big advance (work with me here...) what would I care?

I LOVE the "dummies" series... (Below threshold)

I LOVE the "dummies" series. Hey Kevin, let me know when it comes out - and I want mine autographed :)

I love the idea of blogging... (Below threshold)

I love the idea of blogging for "the man." I hope the Flea can sell-out in 2004! (As long as it isn't for the CBC...)

Personal blogging resolutio... (Below threshold)

Personal blogging resolution: cause a social revolution reforming things I disagree with!
educate myself if my disagreement is wrong!!

megadeal... that's a sweet ... (Below threshold)

megadeal... that's a sweet new years resolution. i may have to steal it.






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