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And That's The Rest Of The Story...

Neb. Woman Ticketed for Being Nude on Net

Why do papers bother printing stories with titles like this without giving you the full story? Is it because they know that I will? Anyway, here is the full story on the latest girl gone wild/police go nuts story...

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - It may be legal to appear naked in cyberspace, but police ticketed a Lincoln woman for posting nude pictures of herself on the Web that were taken in a downtown bar.

Melissa J. Harrington, 21, was ticketed Monday for violating Lincoln's public nudity ordinance by posting pictures on her Web site "showing her naked at one of our downtown bars and in several other locations around the city," Police Chief Tom Casady said.

"It's unlawful to be naked in public in Lincoln," he said.

Harrington, who works as a Web designer at a local Bank, says on her Web site that she likes "being naked in public ... even more when there's a lot of people there to watch."

"They're not going to stop me from doing what I'm doing. I enjoy what I do and they really don't have any grounds" to prosecute the case, she said.

[...]Casady said it is obvious that the photos were taken inside the Marz Intergalactic Shrimp and Martini Bar.

And now the rest of the story...

You've got to hand it to Barney Fife for the crackerjack investigative work he managed to do. From the 11/24/2003 entry at MelissaLincoln.com (Not work safe):

Some of my friends and I went out drinking the other night... started out our night over at Marz bar... we all ended up having a few too many martini's... and next thing you know, We're getting naked and having some fun... got a little bit too crazy and had to leave...
Here is the picture that got her ticketed (Not work safe). Actually it could be this one, or maybe even this one (Not work safe).

And that's the rest of the story...

Update: BigWig asks much the same question, where was the URL to the site in question? I posted this right after the story hit the Yahoo! AP News wire and had the find her site the old fashion way, by snooping around. It appears that some versions of the story had her URL which many news sites have edited out of the story.

It turns out the Marz bar owner is the one who notified police...

The owner of the bar, Jerry Luth, told Omaha television station KETV he is extremely upset by the pictures and did not give Harrington permission to shoot the pictures at the bar.

"I'm the one who called police to complain about the nude pictures," said Luth.

And finally this seems to be exactly what the young lady desires, as this quote from her site illustrates...
I hope you enjoy my site, Thank you Howard Stern in advance for having me on your show.
More power to her if she can make that happen. I suspect she'll be appearing on the Howard Stern show very soon...


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Comments (14)

My she has some comfortable... (Below threshold)

My she has some comfortable friends. How do you just lift up your shirt in a public place and have none of your friends even bother to look?

Kevin, keeping us current o... (Below threshold)

Kevin, keeping us current on these types of stories is important. Don't stop!

Martinis will do that, I understand.

If I looked like her I prob... (Below threshold)

If I looked like her I probably wouldn't have any problems doing the same - dah-amn!
If ya got it flaunt it I guess.

College towns and semi-amat... (Below threshold)

College towns and semi-amateur pr0n are a match made in heaven.

First Paris Hilton, then the Canadian mayor, now this ... I give you props, Kevin, for delivering the content behind the content.

I suggest we have new Blog ... (Below threshold)

I suggest we have new Blog Awards and put Kevin at the top.

No way that woman is a web designer. No way. I place these people for a living, and have never met one like her.

Har! I have family in Linco... (Below threshold)

Har! I have family in Lincoln. I can't wait to hear about the local opinion on this.

Most public spirited of you... (Below threshold)

Most public spirited of you,the public need to be made aware of these outrages.I personally was so shocked that I couldn't stop looking at such depraved pictures.

Uhhhhh....is she married? :... (Below threshold)

Uhhhhh....is she married? :-)

Yeti - she appears to be a ... (Below threshold)

Yeti - she appears to be a web designer in the same way Mary Carey was a politician.

And so I was in this bar in... (Below threshold)

And so I was in this bar in Cody, WY, one Tuesday night, having a drink with the missus and the sis&bro in-law. The boozer regulars at the counter are laughing drunkenly, and one loverly lass sez, "Are you that happy or is there a roll of quarters in your pocket?" At which point the feller in question drops his pants revealing very tight red briefs and proof that he was indeed that happy, albeit quite drunk, too. Everybody laughed, the pants got pulled up, and life continued without pause.

These things happen, everybody shows their ass now and then, but when you make an ass of yourself showing yer ass, ye deserve to get your ass ticketed. Nuff sed.

Now, hold the phone. Let me... (Below threshold)
Bill Peschel:

Now, hold the phone. Let me see if I understand this right.

1. Young woman gets drunk and has nude pix taken of her inside bar.

2. Said woman not only lifts her top for a booby shot, but peels off her shorts as well, all without the bartenders, wait staff or managers noticing.

3. Then, after posting them to her site, the bar owner ***somehow*** gets wind of this personal Web site, sees the pix, and instead of e-mailing the owner, sics the police on her.

The result being that the girl has to pay a small fine in return for enormous publicity for herself and the bar's owner (who's ***shocked***, ***shocked*** at this kind of behavior going on inside his martini bar).

Boy, does this smell rigged.

Bill, I think you're on to ... (Below threshold)

Bill, I think you're on to something there... It's certainly not going to be a financial problem for her, as she is bound to make a lot more money from the worldwide free publicity than a couple hundred dollar ticket.

Martini time in Marz?... (Below threshold)

Martini time in Marz?

Jerry Luth was my slumlord for a year or 3. And according to my wife, (Now X-wife, Lidia DeLavio) Jerry is really into orgies/group sex!

Now it would seem Jerry would have to be a member of Melissa's Lincoln dot com to have found the pics of his Marz Bar.

That or else it was all an intricate publicity stunt that Jerry and Melissa were in on together.


Jerry envious, and jealous, that he is approaching his over the hill, and has Ben Over years?

However you slice it. It would appear as if up standing citizen wanna be, and mars bar (where you get 2 in 1! Oh! I'm sorry thats Greg's Almond Joy, and Peter in Paul's, and Mary's Mound! or Sweet Melissa's as the case it was!) owner, is surfing porn. Something most concerned citizen's don't pub lick Lee admit to! Especially in the Midwest!

The results to Melissa's Day in court have just come in!

Melissa Harrington Pleaded No Contest to Public Nudity Charges in the Lancaster County Court this last Wednesday or thirsty for a martini?

Melissa was fined $150.00, and said that would not slop her labor of love!

Jerry Luth responded by saying. That wasn't hardly like goin' to the Kansas State fair! Evil seeing as how he had exhaustingly spent his wad, and bent over twice that in lawyers fees to assure that Melissa is forever banned from Mars. A dark side of the moon where butt a few fear to tread... Or dwell.

I don't know? But every bar I have ever been banned from, and or denied entry to, in Lincoln, NE. (And there have been a few!) Only required the door man or bartender to say "No Way" or "Your outta here"


No Lawyers fees were ever i... (Below threshold)

No Lawyers fees were ever incurred in my banning's! Maybe an order of protection! Free! Less Sheriff's delivery charges ($25) if you so choose that method of delivery.






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