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The Curse Of Danny Wuerffel

Steve Spurrier walks away from $15 million dollars over the next three years because he lost the inane power strugle over the cutting of rag-armed Danny Wuerffel as one of his quarterbacks.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Steve Spurrier resigned as coach of the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, ending a failed attempt to bring his Fun 'n' Gun offense to the NFL.

The resignation came after two hours of confusion during which Spurrier told a newspaper he didn't quit - after the team announced that he had. Spurrier was not aware that final details already were worked out between his agent and the team.

"We had a little miscommunication there," Spurrier told The Associated Press by telephone from Florida.

Now I know there is a Google bombing battle raging over the term miserable failure, but Spurrier beats both Bush and Carter. Anyone who thinks Danny Wuerffel is an NFL caliber quarterback should not be an NFL head coach.

More on the story at SportsBlog,and from James Joyner and Oliver Willis.

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Anyone who thinks Danny ... (Below threshold)
Mike Ditka:

Anyone who thinks Danny Wuerffel is an NFL caliber quarterback should not be an NFL head coach.

He's a winner I tell ya, a winner!

Danny Wuerffel never got th... (Below threshold)

Danny Wuerffel never got the chance...he was an unexperienced rookie on a horrible team when he played for the Saints. He played well for the Redskins until getting injured. If Tom Brady can succeed, then I am sure Wuerffel could too. Put him on the Rams and he'll put up better numbers than Bulger.

Danny Wuerffel is god you s... (Below threshold)

Danny Wuerffel is god you sick son of a bitch. One of the best college qaurterbacks to ever play. If given a real chance he could be a great NFL qaurterback. #1 gatorfan

Danny Wuerffel is one of th... (Below threshold)

Danny Wuerffel is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. He was great in college and never got to show what he was capable of in the Nfl. He won the heisman trophy and was selected by the Saints, a horrible team at the time. While in NFL Europe Wuerffel proved to be a star. He won the World Bowl, which is equivelent to the Super Bowl. The Packers have Brett Farve and he wasn't really needed in Chicago. In the games that Wuerffel played for the Redskins he thrived and unfortunatly Spurrier let him go for the next season. NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU SAY WUERFFEL IS A BAD QUARTEBACK, THINK AGAIN!

Which is why he's retired?<... (Below threshold)

Which is why he's retired?

The games he played with the Redskins showed that he didn't have the game for the NFL.

If he's so good he would be on an NFL roster...

By the way where the heck i... (Below threshold)

By the way where the heck is Danny Wuerffel now?
Is he selling insurance or concrete?

I believe he is back home d... (Below threshold)

I believe he is back home doing missionary work. He has a center for troubled kids.

Danny is dedicating his lif... (Below threshold)

Danny is dedicating his life to his missionary work right now. He is using his talents for a better cause, something not many other NFL players would know much about. I tip my hat off to Danny for taking time to put his family and faith first. Side note- people that aren't good quarterbacks don't get the Heisman trophy! If he would have been given the chance to be on a good team from the get-go who knows where he would be at today?! Love ya Wuerf!

What can I say about "Awful... (Below threshold)
Mike at LSU:

What can I say about "Awful Weurrfel"? I can say that he was horrible and slow as crap. Thank God for the world class speed from his receivers. Any college quarterback could have looked that good with those type of receivers that Florida had to offer at that time. LSU had to put the smack down on all of those NCAA biotches. USC is next.

Wuerffel was the man. And M... (Below threshold)

Wuerffel was the man. And Mike at LSU, you're an idiot. Wuerffel took ol' LSU to the cleaners every year he was at UF. Hell, even a Zook coached UF team beat National Champion LSU in their own stadium. And we had a freshman QB. HA! Anyway, I say that not any QB would do as well with that kind of speed at Receiver. Look at Chris Rix at FSU. He has all the talent in the world surrounding him and he still can't do it. Put down whatever it is you're smoking, jerky!

Wuerffel, was a great quart... (Below threshold)

Wuerffel, was a great quarterback! God blessed him with a good run in college. They should make a movie about Danny Wuerrfel; "From the Cross to the Heisman". Who knows, perhaps it could inspire others.

I saw Danny in speak while ... (Below threshold)

I saw Danny in speak while playing pro football, and just saw him speak the other day. Let me tell you he's having a lot more fun out of the NFL, so would I. Danny was a great QB and is now devoting his life to God. I got to give him props, thats a pretty bold move I think.






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