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People Who Died

The Baltimore City Paper has an interesting feature on lesser known but intriguing persons who died in 2003.

My favorite is the profile of Dr. Peter Safar, who is credited with the invention of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. As the author notes:

For that alone, Safar would be worth mention in the annals of medicine, but he was also responsible for a boggling list of other innovations and accomplishments. Safar is credited with developing the cardiopulmonary resuscitation method used today (developed in large part while he worked in Baltimore); he is known in the medical world as the "Father of CPR." The unassuming physician, who in his memoirs apologized for his relative fame to those who helped him develop CPR, also developed the first intensive-care unit in the United States (at Baltimore City Hospital in 1958), designed the "Resusci-Anne" doll still used to train people in CPR techniques today, established the groundwork for the advent of modern emergency medicine, and helped design the modern ambulance (before Safar and his collaborators drew up their ambulance design, people were carted off to the hospital in whatever vehicle was available). He was also nominated for the Nobel Prize a stunning three times for his contributions to the medical world.
Go read the whole thing!


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