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Blogging The New Year

James Joyner describes a boatload of New Years celebrations at points international, and notes that he's now blogged New Years Eve. I sort of blogged on New Years Eve.

Actually we spent the first part of the evening with a goodly size group of friends with small children and had an excellent time. A big playroom and a indoor moon bounce enthralled the kids, while Martini's and Italian food brightened the spirits of the adults. We left and 9:00PM, well past the boys usual bed time. All four of us had a great time - totally unrelated to a countdown.

New Years has long been a running disappointment for me, as the hype or hope of great partying times always seems to come up short. This is the first year that I remember have a good time. No or low expectations seem to be the key...


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Happy New Year. I'd say I l... (Below threshold)

Happy New Year. I'd say I love you, but I'm not that drunk...yet.

Happy New Year!!... (Below threshold)

Happy New Year!!






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