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USC Is Still #1

Let the debate begin...

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Talk about frustrating. Th... (Below threshold)

Talk about frustrating. The only loss they had was a triple overtime by a field goal on the road. Anybody watching USC has to believe they would smoke either of the two teams playing for the "computer championship."

Tastes great!Wait,... (Below threshold)

Tastes great!

Wait, wrong debate. Sorry.

Anyone watching through USC... (Below threshold)

Anyone watching through USC colored glasses maybe. There's only one team in the BCS top 10 with a weaker schedule than USC and that's Tennessee... an SEC Team with a quality win.

USC's loss may have been in overtime. It may have been on the road. And it may have been by "just a field goal" but that loss was to Cal. With one of the least grueling schedules in the BCS Top Ten, USC couldn't keep it's composure long enough to beat Cal.

LSU lost to Florida, Oklahoma lost to K-State. Now maybe someone can make the case that a loss to Cal is less embarrassing than those two losses, but I highly doubt it.

USC is just fortunate that OU's loss came so late in the season... had it been a few weeks earlier USC wouldn't even have a shot at a share of the title.

Pete,Not really. H... (Below threshold)


Not really. However OU got its one loss, it's still a loss, and there would have been three teams with one loss, and USC would have been able to make a strong case for number 1.

Strength of schedule is the biggest crock in the B.C.S.

USC is located in California, thus can't realistically be part of the Big 10, but every team in the Big 10 gets points for having a tougher schedule. Same with the Big 12.

Yet when you look at the Big 10's performance in the far too many bowl games they managed to get into, it's pretty pitiful.






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