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Must Not See TV

As a frequent flier I really don't think that watching the wacky happenings at the airport is all too interesting. It's sort of like televised golf; why watch when you can play. Anyone who flies regularly has seen enough with their own eyes...

DALLAS (Reuters) - Reality TV is about to meet flight delays, singing flight attendants and passengers too large to squeeze between the armrests when a program on Southwest Airlines Inc. takes to the air on Monday.

The series called "Airline" will air on cable television's A&E Network and is scheduled for an initial run of 18 episodes. The series is based on a British TV show of the same name that pulled in solid ratings during its six-year run on the ITV Network.

Unlike some reality shows that highlight strange eating exploits and pushing the envelope on travel, Southwest passengers munch on peanuts and fly on an airline that bills its no-frills approach as one of its main selling points.

It's probably got all the charm of the United Airlines security screening line at Boston's Logan Airport. If you've ever been in that line you'll know what I mean.


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