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Steve Irwin - Asshat Of The Week

I've always rooted for the crocs to take a big chunk out of Steve Irwin due to his annoying antics, but this time he has really gone too far. When it's just him in the path of angry animals that's one thing, but when you use a one month old baby as a prop in a crocodile show you should be given a forcible vasectomy to ensure you don't further procreate. Maybe we'll all get lucky and a croc will do the snip work on him...

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) - Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin took his month-old son to his first croc feeding on Friday, offering the reptile a chicken with one hand and holding the baby in the other. With a capacity crowd looking on, Irwin dangled a dead chicken before the 13-foot crocodile named Murray, which snapped up the offering. Irwin's tiny son Bob looked on from his other arm.

"He's one-month-old, so it's about time Bob got out there and did his first croc demo," the Australian celebrity told the crowd at his Australian Zoo. Irwin's wife Terri, who gave birth to her second child on Dec. 1, also attended the show, billed as Bob's croc feeding debut.

Somewhere Michael Jackson is secretly smiling...

Update (September 4, 2006) - Steve Irwin dies as the result of sting ray barb fatally embedding in his chest. More details here.


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Comments (30)

You noticed. Finally someon... (Below threshold)

You noticed. Finally someone outdid Michael Jackson in the idiotic, brainless. dumbass stunt category.

Didn't think it was possible til now.

I've got a couple more <a h... (Below threshold)

I've got a couple more pics.

Unbelievable. I knew there ... (Below threshold)

Unbelievable. I knew there was a good reason I didn't like that lunatic.

If I were his wife, he'd be... (Below threshold)

If I were his wife, he'd be bitch-slapped SO HARD his accent would be missing.

Asstard. Geezus.

I can hear Michael Jackson ... (Below threshold)

I can hear Michael Jackson right now:

"And they thought putting a baby over a balcony was bad!"

I really like Steve Irwin but having any person, let alone a baby, near a wild animal is insane.

For his next trick, he'll p... (Below threshold)

For his next trick, he'll put a tiny saddle on the croc and let his son ride it.

You are all just jeolous be... (Below threshold)

You are all just jeolous because the man has more balls than sense.
Besides, the 'village' should leave the man to raise the child as he sees fit, not as they see fit. There is also the matter of the wife, and her full support in the matter. SHE handed the child into the pen. Leave the people alone. Oh, that's right. No charges were filed. Case closed.

Irwin seems to be competing... (Below threshold)

Irwin seems to be competing with the South Park version of himself.

I'm not going to bag Steve ... (Below threshold)

I'm not going to bag Steve Irwin, look he's an expert. When Bindi, his daughter was a baby there wasn't all this fuss and condemning him! He will die before his kids, and there were other guys watching the croc closely. There's explanations on how the croc's position, it couldn't leap forward like a lion can, and he watched it also. I think it's more dangerous when your walking out on the streets with your baby in a pram and another little child on your other hand and a dog comes and bites it! Leave him alone he is just passionate with his life, it's not a job, it's his life. He was brought up the same way. They live in the Australia Zoo premises so their kids has to know their surroundings.

HELLO. Leave the guy alone... (Below threshold)

HELLO. Leave the guy alone. He knows what he's doing... Of COURSE it looks scary, but it wasn't too long ago when we were taking our children out on the busy streets in the car WITHOUT SEATBELTS or CAR SEATS. And you might not think that is an equal comparison, but not everyone on the road is as alert or professional as they might think they are. Steve on the other hand, is when it comes to those crocodiles. There is no way around it, nor could anyone argue the fact that he does this 24/7, loves it, and loves his children more than life itself. Leave the guy alone. Bleh! Imagine being compared to Michael Jackson! Yikes. He's not crazy, that's called bigger balls than you....
He's a good guy and Terri is a wonderful mother, no one would intentionally hurt their child no matter how you look at it. Those two are a lot smarter than a lot of people give them credit for. Can you honestly say that you could go into a crocodile enclosure and feed the croc WITHOUT a child? If so, you're lying. Those two have been doing this for so many years they can almost read the crocodile's thoughts. They NEVER go into the enclosure alone, there are always spotters. Obviously the people who have such a problem with this don't watch the show and don't know who they are- people who watch their show know the safety precautions they take even for themselves, and to think they'd put their kid in danger is proposterous. It's just a matter of having to close a camera shot without the surrounding area being captured on film. Too bad they didn't use a widescreen camera, then no one would be complaining. This really ticks me off. He's a good guy. Let me ask this-as a Californian, the only real predator we have to watch for are sharks. But you have lifeguards watching out for you, and it's a rareity that people are attacked. In Florida its a big issue- aligators are a real threat, dont you think people are aware and warned about this? In Austrailia there are MANY predators- more than the US, and Steve and Terri work to teach people which ones to watch out for and which ones are safe. Can you tell me the difference between a king brown and a taipan snake? More important, could your kids?
Maybe we should start looking at the important things he is doing for you without you even realizing before we compare him to Michael Jackson. I mean really.

Steve IrwinAustral... (Below threshold)

Steve Irwin

Australian for parenting

We still love you Steve!<br... (Below threshold)

We still love you Steve!
My family has been watching Steve since the beginning. I am so outraged on all the media this topic has been getting and the direction it has been going. Steve was raised with the specimans we all dont find cute and cuddly and has educated many with his humane antics.
Steve was raised in a wildlife park, his daughter Bindi was exposed very early on and now it will be passed to his son as it was to him.
Steve has always remained a professional doing what many call "crazy" and would never do anything to harm his child for which he has always shown his love and of course enthusiam.
Micheal Jackson compared to Steve....I think not. I find it very interesting on how people like to bash a man when the they do not grasp the whole picture.
War, Starving people, Homeless, Abuse..if only we would put as much effort into those headlines as we have to a man who is sharing his life with his children.

I imagine Roy felt very saf... (Below threshold)

I imagine Roy felt very safe in the jaws of the tiger too. However, I guess 30 years of experience was not enough in his case.

I just don't understand why... (Below threshold)

I just don't understand why Steve and Terri feel it necessary to include an infant in such an event... .. accidents happen, people trip and fall.... and wild reptiles are unpredictable as Steve has said many, many times but yet he cannot wait to take the baby near the crocodiles.....

Typical. Person who knows ... (Below threshold)

Typical. Person who knows nothing about handle and care of these animals spewing crap about the profession.

Steve Irwin was raised in an identical environment to the way he will raise his children.

Millions of parents have their children engage in activities which others find dangerous every day and yet you don't see millions of a childrens graves lining the world as they would have you believe.

American over-sensationalism rules again it appears.

Thank god i'm an Australian.

How many parents that drive... (Below threshold)

How many parents that drive race-cars take their kids for a spin around the track - with or without seatbelts? Or roam the streets while their at work?!? I agree american sensationalism does it again!!!
Im glad to be a NZ'er with a realistic attitude. I dont believe steve's baby was in any real danger at all.

there is nuthin wrong with ... (Below threshold)

there is nuthin wrong with what he did, he was raised that way and even know hes insane, hes got the right to raise his kids the way he wants. the only thing wrong is he did it in the public eye. ppl need a reason to whinge... and it seems all u wankers have been given one.... get a life and let others live the way they want, no one got hurt. get over it.......

you tell them adam, go auss... (Below threshold)

you tell them adam, go aussies!

Steve Irwin was bought up w... (Below threshold)

Steve Irwin was bought up with these animals.
There is no way he would take his baby in there if he didn't know that he was 100% in control.
He was always going to have his body between the croc and the baby, so if anything, it would be him that got bit.
Apart from that he has zoo personel around the fence who are skilled in dealing with crocs who woud be in there in seconds.
We all have the right to our opinions ... but if you don't know the facts , its best to keep quiet.
I am afraid you just followed on media reports, who will say anything to sell a newspaper.

steve irwin is an idiot as ... (Below threshold)

steve irwin is an idiot as soon as every one know it the better.

all you americans need to g... (Below threshold)

all you americans need to get over yourself! you got a dickhead president starting wars that dont need to be and you are all bitchin and whingein about somthin that happened thousands of miles away in acountry you know nothing about!
Get a life!

I dont see anything wrong w... (Below threshold)

I dont see anything wrong with Steve having the baby in the croc pen. BTW... Im an American and I am with Ryan about what he said abouth the president and the war. Sooner or later, Im moving to Australia! I watch the Crocodile Hunter everyday and look up to him all the time.

Dear Steve and Terry:... (Below threshold)

Dear Steve and Terry:

You guys, your large staff and family have a very exciting educational show. Showing animals and habitat that no one would otherwise get to see. Not to mention what you do for animals all over the world. I guess i am one of the hated North Americans (US), but i want you to know how much everyone i know loves your work and show. I don't want anything to happen to you or anyone on your staff. Please don't let these HATERS cause you any pain. I believe your baby was safe at all times because you have a crack staff and i know how much you both LOVE your babies. May Jesus Christ keep you safe. Anyway, no worries mate!

P.S. To Ryan, the coalition forces have saved thousnds of lives, and helped earn a democracy for Iraq and helped improve life for the Middle East

I THINK ANYONE WHO DISSIS S... (Below threshold)


Hi,I'm an italian girl and ... (Below threshold)

Hi,I'm an italian girl and I would like to contact Steve Irwin.....can you help me?Do you know his mail?

It`s very sad the news abou... (Below threshold)

It`s very sad the news about his death but like is life. Am sorry for all the people that were near of him.


I think that Steve Irwin... (Below threshold)

I think that Steve Irwin was a truly incredible man with a massive passion for wildlife and all he ever wanted to do was to educate people about it! Steve is a top bloke and I hope that he can rest in peace. Also, to all the people killing the stingrays - STOP! It is not what he would have wanted and bet he would be spitting angry with the people who are doing this!

He was a wonderful guy and ... (Below threshold)

He was a wonderful guy and knew what he was doing in life. How dare you compare him to Michael Jackson. He practically knows what the croc is thinking, its all becauseof that camera shot that made him look like the croc was going to eat the baby. Steve would have died before letting his son die, hes not an idiot. If the shot was wide screen then there would have been no contraversy. End of Story. R.I.P. Steve. We love you!

god just leave the guy alon... (Below threshold)

god just leave the guy alone alright he left 2 beautiful children and beautiful wife on Earth. how do u think God would say about u and he is a well trained guy... like i said if u don't have anything good to say keep ur big mouth SHUT

"He knows what he's doing"<... (Below threshold)
Billy the Dog:

"He knows what he's doing"
Good one Julie.

He was a complete fraud, with a fake accent probably created by his American PR people who rightly think it will go down well with trailer trash Americans.

I was bought up in country Australia and have NEVER heard anyone speak like him.

I resent his misrepresentation of Aussies and glad he's dead.






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