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BlogMadness (Part II)

I've been combing the archives for a post to submit to the BlogMadness competition, and I've narrowed to to these posts...

A Modest Proposal
Circular Hypocrisy
Blog Rules
The ACME Guide To Women
Principles I Blog By

Now I'm solicting feedback on which one to enter into the contest.

Of course what I really should do is just submit the Paris Hilton post and claim the prize now, but I think I'll go the route of an actual written post...


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Comments (3)

I would submit "The ACME Gu... (Below threshold)

I would submit "The ACME Guide To Women." It has appeal all husbands and boyfriends.

My favorite is "Circular Hypocrisy," probably because it reminds me of the California part of California Yankee.

I'd submit The ACME Guide t... (Below threshold)

I'd submit The ACME Guide to Women, too.

Though I like (and agree) with your Modest Proposal, and enjoyed your Circular Hypocrisy.

And you've already done the... (Below threshold)

And you've already done the difficult part for submitting to the Bestofme Symphony. All you have to do now is submit 'em! :-)






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