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Dead Pool Roster

Here's my roster for the 2004 Dead Pool:

Muhammad AliJohnny CarsonLiza Minelli

Courtney LoveWalter CronkiteJack Valenti

Osama Bin LadenRodney DangerfieldAndy Rooney

Richard PryorRonald ReaganMickey Rooney

Ray CharlesSaddam HusseinPope John Paul II

I'll put a big red X through each one that checks out of the physical plane this year. Want to join? Sorry too late... Check back in November 2004 for the next edition.


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Comments (9)

Who's the naket chick?... (Below threshold)

Who's the naket chick?

naked, damn it!... (Below threshold)

naked, damn it!

Leave the mouse over the pi... (Below threshold)

Leave the mouse over the picture...

It's Courtney Love from the Larry Flynt bio pic...

A Most interesting presenta... (Below threshold)

A Most interesting presentation of your roster.

I think there ought to be a competition and a useless poll and an award.

We can call it the Bloggies. :)

You might as well put an X ... (Below threshold)

You might as well put an X through Osama. I'm willing to bet that he's a red smear on a cave wall.

Really, Johnny? Hmmm...I ca... (Below threshold)

Really, Johnny? Hmmm...I can see the possibility of the others, but not Carson. Who knows.

I agree with Owen. I think... (Below threshold)

I agree with Owen. I think Osama is somewhere between a grease spot and road gravel.

I thought Richard Pryor was... (Below threshold)

I thought Richard Pryor was dead?

Need to change your DP link... (Below threshold)

Need to change your DP link. It goes to the now-defunct ATS.






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