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Frogs On Parade

And there was great rejoicing among EUtocrats, especially the French...

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's cash-strapped government is paying 225,000 euros ($285,200) to build a tunnel to help frogs avoid the perils of a busy road, officials said on Monday.

Ruediger Zech, a local council spokesman in the Berlin district of Reinickendorf, said the project would allow native varieties of toads, frogs and other amphibians to reach a nearby lake safely when they spawn in the spring.

Previously the creatures had been carried across the road in buckets by volunteers from nature protection groups.

Comments (3)

Build the tunnel and they'l... (Below threshold)

Build the tunnel and they'll hop across the road anyway.

Anthropomorphisizing animal... (Below threshold)

Anthropomorphisizing animals is silly. They might eventually learn to use that tunnel but only if the "volunteers from nature protection groups" refrain from helping the majority who won't use the tunnel and let evolution take its course.

Remember, you shouldn't ant... (Below threshold)

Remember, you shouldn't anthropomorphise computers either. They hate when you do that.






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