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Judges In The News

Is there something in the water in court houses? Venomous Kate has two stories (here and here) of judges not exactly reflecting positivly on the profession.

Update: Here's another.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A judge in upstate New York has resigned after being accused of saying domestic abuse cases were "a waste of the court's time" and stating most women asked to get "smacked around," the state's Commission on Judicial Conduct says.

Robert Hamley, a former justice of the Hunter Village Court in northern New York's Greene County resigned after deciding he could not successfully defend himself against charges brought against him by the commission


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Comments (2)

You think the judges are nu... (Below threshold)

You think the judges are nuts? You should see some of the people I have to deal with during the day. For every nutty judge, there's a defendant mailing me a letter saying that God has forgiven him so the court must release him from jail.

True, Michele, but then aga... (Below threshold)

True, Michele, but then again, guys in jail are almost supposed to be nuts.






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