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Lottery Madness

I guess I've been out of the loop... Last I heard someone lost the winning ticket. Turns out that's not quite the case...

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio -- The Ohio Lottery says a South Euclid woman turned in the winning ticket for a $162 million Mega Millions lottery, not the Cleveland woman who claims she lost the ticket last week. Rebecca Jemison turned in the ticket for the 11-state jackpot at Ohio Lottery headquarters in downtown Cleveland. She and her husband appeared at a news conference Monday morning to claim the prize.

The announcement came after Elecia Battle, (pictured, right) said that she dropped the winning ticket in the parking lot outside the South Euclid store where she bought it. Jemison said she felt "anger" when she heard that someone else claimed to have bought and lost the winning ticket. She said she'll "let the authorities handle her." Battle told police she dropped her purse and didn't realize the ticket had fallen out until after the drawing. Police said it's too bad because whoever turns up with the ticket is considered the winner.

Millionaire wanna-bes gathered outside the store Monday searching for the ticket. People looked under bushes and in trash. "For $162 million, yeah, it's worth being out here probably all night," said Jim Allen.

However, Battle believes the ticket still belongs to her. "It's my ticket. I lost it. I will be more than glad to reward you," Battle said. Battle's attorney was expected to make a statement about the reward on Wednesday.

Hey I lost the ticket too... Yeah that's the ticket...

Update: The Smoking Gun has the scoop on Battle's criminal record including convictions for assault and credit card fraud.

Update 2: She now admits her story was false.


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