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Naughty School Play

Doesn't anyone perform Our Town anymore?

CNSNews.com - Last week the college town [Amherst, Mass] was abuzz after learning that The Vagina Monologues will be performed at the Amherst Regional High School in February with the approval of the school committee and the superintendent, Jere Hochman. According to the Amherst Bulletin, Hochman chirped, "We hope that there are ways for our students to find their voice in their years with us." [...]

This is not the first time...that a school play has been controversial in Amherst. In 1999 a never-ending debate occurred over "West Side Story" because the musical, according to critics, unfavorably stereotyped Latinos. Larry Kelley, who organized a rally on the Amherst Town Common in support of the Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim classic, is perplexed with the current theatrical choice.

"Amherst Regional High School Committee became the only ruling authority in history to cancel a production of "West Side Story" because a distinct minority in town thought it was racist. Yet they embrace allowing young teenagers - who could not get into an R-rated movie without a parent or guardian - to revel in sexually-explicit material," stated Kelley.

In all fairness a performance of The Penis Monologues should be offered as well.


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Comments (2)

"Our Town" presents a white... (Below threshold)

"Our Town" presents a white-dominated world in which women know their place in a 1950s Donna Reed sort of way.

</politically correct blather>

Doesn't anyone perform Our ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't anyone perform Our Town anymore?

Sorry, ARHS did that one last year.






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