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The Scarlet Letters

The state of Ohio now offers DUI offenders a choice: Use special license plates in exchange for driving privileges, or forgo driving privileges.

Here is the new plate:


If you see one of those in your rear view mirror watch out...

The legal issues in this case are interesting because the punishment is being extended from the individual to the automobile. The automobile with the plates could be a family vehicle, thus stigmatizing other drivers not guilty of a DUI offense. The one redeeming feature of the law is that defendants do have the option of refusing the plate, albeit in exchange for loss of driving privileges.

Amendments allowing judicial latitude for first time offenses have been proposed, although such discretion, in practice, would likely benefit wealthy defendants more than the less affluent.

The new law is detailed in this article in The Marion Star

Via CrimLaw


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Comments (3)

Instead of wearing a scarle... (Below threshold)

Instead of wearing a scarlet Letter the car is.

The state of Ohio is weird.... (Below threshold)

The state of Ohio is weird.

At the risk of being too ge... (Below threshold)

At the risk of being too general, the problem is that many repeat offenders don't give a rats ass if their family is embarrassed. The ones that I've had the misfortune to know in the past would do what ever they had to in order to get their privileges back - not that it really prevents so many of them from driving anyway.

I understand the thought process, it just doesn't solve the problem.






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