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Killer/Kidnapper Caught, Shoots Self In The Face

Cheers: The murderous bastard was caught.

Jeers: It appears he didn't aim well enough...

MSNBC - RANGER, Ga. - A man who was the object of a regionwide manhunt after three adults and a 10-month-old baby were found slain in Georgia was in custody in critical condition after he shot himself Thursday evening in Tennessee, authorities said.

Most Southeastern states had issued a so-called ďAmber alertĒ seeking the man, Jerry William Jones, 31, who authorities said kidnapped three young girls. John Bankhead, a spokesman for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, told MSNBC-TV that the three girls were all found alive with Davis and were unharmed.

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I hope he goes through agon... (Below threshold)

I hope he goes through agony - and then dies!






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