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Big Gay Cruise

Where do I sign up?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Comedienne and former talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell on Thursday announced plans for what is billed as "the first gay cruise with family values."

During the cruise, which will depart New York for the Bahamas on July 11, gay and lesbian passengers will be able to learn about topics like adoption and artificial insemination.

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Perhaps they'll have a gay ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps they'll have a gay old time.

I guess since Tom Delay won... (Below threshold)

I guess since Tom Delay won't be using his boat for the RNC, they had to find something to put the cruise industry to work.

I dunno but "gay cruise" with "lesbians" is about the ugliest thought to cross my mind so far today!

Gay cruise with family valu... (Below threshold)

Gay cruise with family values. I always thought that family values was comprised of a man and a woman focused on raising good children. Not a 2 women that want to have children just to prove some political point.

Oh my gosh! Thanks for lett... (Below threshold)

Oh my gosh! Thanks for letting me know that heterosexuals are the only ones with HUMAN FEELINGS. Heaven forbid a lesbian couple would want to raise a child, let alone get married or have a normal life. Wake up; gay/lesbian/transgendered people are -and always have been- part of this country, Justin. Saying lesbians have children to prove a political point is like saying any woman who has IVF without a husband is "proving" men are no longer needed, and thereby "proving" some anarchist/feminist dictum/political point.

Oh but it's true, Lachlan.<... (Below threshold)

Oh but it's true, Lachlan.

Gays are just cyborgs. I know because I'm gay. I'm powered by a chunk of weapons grade uranium blessed by Satan and the size of a cantalope.

Unfortunately, those who program us don't give us all the information we need about human anatomy (thus explaning why we abuse it all the time) so, we've organized this gay cruise to teach us about it.

It's all part of our plan for world domination.

I, personally, can't wait until we figure out how it works so that we can pass for heterosexuals.

Actually, just so you know, we're pretty close. The fact that I've been granted security clearance to release this information really just means it's too late for you mortals to do anything about it.


"I always thought that fami... (Below threshold)

"I always thought that family values was comprised of a man and a woman focused on raising good children."

Yet another person who has bought the myth of the nuclear family as the foundation of society. This is a modern concept that did not exist until after the Civil War.

Before the 20th Century, the extended family (the family which includes parents and children together with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even more distant relatives) was considered to be most important. Also, clans that consisted of groups of related families were the basis of political power and influence.

Our modern society has effectively destroyed the extended family. This is unfortunate because extended families tend to share common interests and are more difficult to control and manipulate -- by the government, churches, and corporations.

No, I don't believe this is a conspiracy. It is the result of a shift away from traditional family values that has been taking place for over 100 years. Families no longer cling to a specific geographic location. Entire generations are growing up without aunts, uncles, cousins, and even grandparents.

People have been brainwashed into believing that a family must consist of Mom, Dad and Beaver Cleaver. That is a fantasy. In not-so-distant human history, one would expect the death of a parent. Blended families were not only common, they were the norm.

Families depended on parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins for survival. Raising children didn't "take a village" as put forward by Hillary Clinton. It took an extended family.

So, the next time you think about "traditional family values," go back a little further in time. Ask yourself if what you've been taught to believe is a long tradition and a natural way of life could perhaps be something relatively new, unnatural, and possibly destructive.

People are so focused on the way a tiny percentage of our population who are gay and lesbian choose to live they ignore something that is probably a bigger threat to society.

TROLL (Justin): 3</p... (Below threshold)

TROLL (Justin): 3


A gay cruise? Heh. Maybe ... (Below threshold)

A gay cruise? Heh. Maybe they should invite Pat Robertson...

This is just another exampl... (Below threshold)
shannon warren:

This is just another example of how our society is degrading itself. The liberals are accepting everything under the son regardless of the consequences. The silent majority remain silent because they are too busy working and living normal lives. Eventually we will get fed up with all this.

If you're gonna go on a cru... (Below threshold)

If you're gonna go on a cruise, then go on a cruise. Relax, enjoy yourself. (personally I find cruises repulsive - but I know many people love them - whatever floats your boat, so to speak)

If you want to know about adoption or artificial insemination - then do research. Web, library, doctors, agencies.

I see no reason to pay Rosie any extra money for either one of these things.

Agreed Teresa- that's what ... (Below threshold)

Agreed Teresa- that's what research is for. But then the tackiness factor of the cruise wasn't what really started this thread, anyway.

And while the liberals are busy destroying the world, Shannon, the rest of us (gay and straight) just want to live normal lives, too. Lives where hatred and discrimination are not the norm.

Oh my god, I am losing fait... (Below threshold)
Pat N.:

Oh my god, I am losing faith in humanity. With teachers molesting children. Parents leaving children in dumpsters and the world going to pot, all you close minded people think about is ban the gays, lesbians have no family values. I can tell you as a mother of twin boys 11, and a lesbian that you should take off your blindfolds and look at the rest of the world. My children are great boys with respect for all people, polite and understand that people should live without hate. I go on trips with my children and they are proud of me and my life. Even my ex-husband has no problem with it and handed my custody of my children without a fight, as I am a more than fit parental figure, without a care on who I chose to love and sleep with. You more than religious people are the ones for whom run about preaching the word of god by day and either beating their wives at night or finding a hooker to get your rocks off. My family has respected me and have taken my partner into their hearts and actually thats all I need. I will say another thing. My boys will not be on the news anytime soon for bringing guns to school and killing classmates anytime soon. Can you close-minded people say the same.
A gay cruise is a great way to show my kids that there are other families that are as well adjusted as they are to their surrounding. Maybe I'll see you there.






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