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The Paris Hilton Experience

Perhaps this is a sign of the end times upon us...

Entertainment Weekly reports that Paris Hilton (yes, that Paris Hitlon) will release her debut album this year. Apparently Fred Durst is not involved in any way which is a positive sign.

Your challenge for the weekend is to name the record and/or which tunes she should cover.

For example, "Oops, I Did It Again" is an obvious choice...

Update: MTV had details on her signing career last summer. She's more famous as an instrument player than singer these days.


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Comments (13)

She should do a re-make of ... (Below threshold)

She should do a re-make of "I'm An Ugly, Skanky, Diseased Whore With No Talent."

Oh...you mean there ISN'T a song by that name already?

Lionel Richie's "Do It To M... (Below threshold)

Lionel Richie's "Do It To Me"

2 live crew's "me so horny"... (Below threshold)

2 live crew's "me so horny"

tiffany's "i think we're alone now"

madonna's "like a virgin"

Todd Rundgren's S.L.U.T... (Below threshold)
Ralph Gizzip:

Todd Rundgren's S.L.U.T

"S. L. U. T.
She may be a slut but she looks good to me!"

"Centerfold," J. Geils Band... (Below threshold)

"Centerfold," J. Geils Band.

I SAW YOU IN International ... (Below threshold)
Stephanie Wright:

I SAW YOU IN International Mall and you were really nice to me. I took you and Nick carters picture on your phone,remember. My name is Stephanie Wright. I am trying to get discovered for my singing talent.I was wondering if you could help me Paris. I saw you on the14th of March 2004 and you were with Nick and Nicole Richie.

paris we love you! you roc... (Below threshold)
natasssia & quinton:

paris we love you! you rock!

I think you are the best! I... (Below threshold)

I think you are the best! I luv ya! Your the best!

I think that Paris' album w... (Below threshold)

I think that Paris' album will be hott for partygoers,,,, Well for 18 year old girls that get drunk and dance on tables that is! I also think it will be big on the gay scene! She will become the Britney Spears of the dance/pop world. Her being a fulltime party girl, I'm pretty sure she know what makes people groove!

i think this album will b s... (Below threshold)

i think this album will b so hott! i cant wait?
when is due out?
i luv u paris hilton, ur my idol and you rock.
no matter wat ne1 ses u r the best and always will b wid bags full of tallent,
luks, the acting, and now singing and i read on the inernet that u r a gd singer, gd luk u deserve it hun!

SHUT UP DAVID YOU SUC... (Below threshold)

Paris you rock good luck in the future! I love your talents, Davids just an asshole! You rock!

Love you Paris Hilton
From your #1 Fan

You girls are GOOOOORGEOUS!... (Below threshold)
Monique and Kim:

You girls are GOOOOORGEOUS!!!! Probably the funniest girls ever! We love u BE-ACHES :)

"Thanks Bitches have a nice day"

"Fine whatever Peace"

Your Biggest fans

I just wish Paris would hav... (Below threshold)

I just wish Paris would have become famous on her own and made her own money instead of being born a freakin' millionaire..... I mean other people are starving in other countries while she spends millions on her freakin' wardrobe..... who cares if she is pretty....she doesn't have to go parading around town acting like a hore.






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