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The O'Neil Files

I haven't paid too much attention to the upcoming book by former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil. The damning allegations seem to boil down to two main points.

1) Planning for a war in Iraq predated the 9/11 attacks. Powerline has done a pretty good job of debunking this myth. Also somewhere in my reads I noted that someone indicating that the Bush I and Clinton administrations both explicitly had the same plans. InstaPundit has the closest quote I could find here.

2) The Bush didn't speak up in meetings. Have you ever been to a government meeting? It's usually the best place to catch up on your sleep. Of course that may explain quite a few things...

So Bush sleeps through meetings while Rove turns him into JFK-lite and O'Neil knows how to steal governmenet documents before he exits a job. Sounds like a sitcom plot...

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I think your wrong. He spok... (Below threshold)
Angela Nicole Parsons:

I think your wrong. He spoke his mind and Bush took it way too seriously. Bush took away freedom of speech. He said his opinion and everyone thinks it's the end of the world. I may be thirteen but I know what I'm talking about I live in a world a criticism. He took the first Amendment to use, you know he had a right to speak his mind and yet you Baka's take it like you might die.






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