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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

I can't believe not one person though to remind me that I completely feel asleep at the wheel in failing to announce the winners for this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™. The entries were numerous and uniformly excellent. After a quick consultation with Mr. Dartboard (just kidding), here are your winners :

1) (Rodney Dill) - "Al Qaeda terrorists deploying Weapons of Bass Destruction."

2) (Fritz) - "Marine biologists come up with a creative solution to encourage endangered species to spawn. "Hell, this technique has been working with human females for thousands of years...why not?" says scientist."

3) (Kevin McGehee) - "A few more drinks and she'll lose her sturginity."

Special mention to Michael Demmons who really didn't think the picture was funny. His caption was the best literal caption - "Hey look! We're two dumbass Polish idiots who think stupid shit like this is f**king funny."

Until next Friday...

Comments (2)

Just my 2 cents but I liked... (Below threshold)

Just my 2 cents but I liked #3 the best.


can't... stop... snickering... like an idiot...

You're welcome. ;-)... (Below threshold)

You're welcome. ;-)






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