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Maybe it's just me, but the grand announcements on immigration, and now space exploration make me think that someone is trying to "Kennedy" George W. Bush.

The Space Shuttle program is a legendary boondoggle, and rightly deserves to be scrapped in favor of lower cost non-reusable rockets. Adding a manned mission to the Moon, then Mars just seems so contrived. At least with the moon, it's a case of "been there, done that."

Of course since neither has a snowballs chance of emerging from Congress, it's just election year hot air.


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Been where? Done what?... (Below threshold)

Been where? Done what?

It's almost like saying you've gone to Africa, explored a small town, and saying:

Africa? Been there. Done that.

The moon? We've been there. But we've done very little.

Yes, that does appear a bit... (Below threshold)

Yes, that does appear a bit short sighted. A permanent moonbase could produce energy in the form of the Artemis Project, or as a source of solar energy.

The low gravity, lack of atmosphere and the far side being always turned away from the earth could provide for some huge optical astronomical tools.

And superconducting magnetic rail guns could provide interesting launch vehicles for solar system exploration.

The point is to keep an open mind.






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