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Mailbag - Comment Blocks

From the mailbag: I was wondering if you could tell me how you made your inline comments? The link you have from ScriptyGoddess has changed and shows it as expandable links. I like your style better, where each comment is in its own separate box.

I use Jennifer's original code verbatim. That code has since been completely updated here, but for my purposes the old code is working fine. Since I run PHP pages I can do a conditional check for comments > 0 and show the inline display only if there are comments.

The box is just blockquote formating, which merely entails enclosing each individual comment in blockquote tags. If you look at a post where I do a blockquote you'll note that it's the same style.

To get the same effect in for your comments put the <blockquote> right after <MTComment> and put </blockquote> right before </MTComment>. Of course if your stylesheet doesn't have blockquote defined, or it's not boxed like mine, then you will need to work on your style sheet first.

In case you were wondering how to do the conditional "Show Comments Here" text, here is the code you can use if (and only if) you are using PHP pages for your MT site:

if (<$MTEntryCommentCount$> > 0) {

*** put all your current code here ***

<? } ?>

I'm not sure where I first saw this, but I think it was either Jennifer or Girlie...


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Comments (5)

Yep. Since I'm not php, I c... (Below threshold)

Yep. Since I'm not php, I can't do the "check for comments" thing but I did quite a bit of format tweaking of the code, too. If *I* can do it with my coding skills. . .

There is also a MT Plugin (... (Below threshold)

There is also a MT Plugin (MTEntryIfComments) which provides MT Tags to do the same thing (helpful if you don't know PHP or are not using PHP pages).

English please!... (Below threshold)

English please!

Thanks so much for sharing ... (Below threshold)

Thanks so much for sharing your secret. It worked like a charm!

Morgan, Do I know yo... (Below threshold)

Morgan, Do I know you?
Have you ever been to St Louis?
If yes, hit me up on ICQ: 136547585.
If not - sorry you just remind me of someone.






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