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I've been in the Tidewater area for the past couple days on a short bit of contract work and had a chance this evening to hook up for dinner with Wind Rider. He knew just the right little hole in the wall Italian place to get fine food without a stuffy atmosphere.

We talked shop, but mostly non shop. I got the scoop on the story behind Silent Running, and we both reminisced (not positively) about the BlogSpot days. He got the scoop about my job prospects and the work I'm doing in the area. We both had a good time, and it was nice to finally meet another blogger face to face.

BTW, if you remember the scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High where Brad Hamilton is delivering the fish and chips and notices the hot babe checking him out and smiling, you'd get a mental picture of our traffic light encounter. :-)

Next up: Meryl Yourish in Richmond, as my working tour of the Commonwealth continues...

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I realize this is, like, a ... (Below threshold)

I realize this is, like, a year too late, but...that 'hot chick' in Fast Times is Nancy Wilson of Heart...
Just thought I'd let ya know. Cool bit of trivia, huh?






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