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Get A Life

Worried about crime and free speech in your virtual world? The gods of the Sims do not like dissent.

A Real-Life Debate on Free Expression in a Cyberspace City (NYT - Registration Required)

Not too worry the virtual ACLU will surely come to this guy's virtual defense.

Mr. Ludlow really needs to get out more...

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Here's some interesting rea... (Below threshold)

Here's some interesting reading from the folks at GLAAD:

It's a Queer World After All: Studying The Sims and Sexuality
By Mia Consalvo

The paper examines the best selling computer game of all time, The Sims, and three of its expansion packs, Livin' Large, House Party, and Hot Date, to determine how sexuality, gender, and variables such as race and class operate in the game. Focusing more specifically on sexuality, Consalvo conducts a queer-theoretical analysis of The Sims and looks at the multiple ways that the game both constructs and allows for characters whose sexuality is a variable activity rather than a fixed part of identity. In so doing, Consalvo examines the meanings that the game may have for self-identified heterosexual players, while also pointing to the ways that the The Sims challenges gender and sexual stereotypes as they relate to heterosexual norms.

The debate about free expre... (Below threshold)

The debate about free expression is one thing and, while interesting (I guess) doesn't really compare to how funky the whole 2ndary market stuff is.

Selling "in-game" items for meatspace cash is just friggin weird.

How much different is it fr... (Below threshold)

How much different is it from buying a blog template?

...not looking for a knee-jerk reaction -- how different is it REALLY?

Mr./Dr. Ludlow's supervisor... (Below threshold)

Mr./Dr. Ludlow's supervisors need to assess his commitment to higher education. Do professors have this much time to play virtual games? Is it really "academic" investigation?

He sounds like an addict.






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