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How Cold Is It?

It's so cold, ice makers are warming up IN the freezer.

This little tidbit comes from the Boston Globe:

It was so cold in New Hampshire on Wednesday that workers at Laconia Ice Co. used an unlikely place to warm up -- their freezer.

Manager Tom Rudzinski said the company's freezer is kept around 15 degrees, about 30 degrees warmer than it was outside in the parking lot at midmorning.

"Our workers are saying they can go inside the warehouse to warm up." he said.

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A mite nippy, to be sure.</... (Below threshold)

A mite nippy, to be sure.

I don't get it. A little w... (Below threshold)

I don't get it. A little while back it was -15 in North Dakota for two straight weeks. Something like that happens in Boston or New York and its national news...

You people gotta toughen up a little bit.

Rob, if they don't complain... (Below threshold)

Rob, if they don't complain about temps like those, whom will those of us who have lived where it gets really cold, make fun of?

-57 in the Fairbanks area was kind of fun, except for the frozen hot water pipes, and the ice fog so thick we couldn't see across the road.

That's true. I know all ab... (Below threshold)

That's true. I know all about Alaska cold too. I was born in Anchorage and raised in Fairbanks.

But let me tell you something, North Dakota has a feature that makes its cold extra special: wind. I thought -50 was cold in Alaska, but try -50 windchill.


Help! I am a female who pur... (Below threshold)

Help! I am a female who purchased a home this past fall and my hot water pipes are frozen. THe house does not have a basement and what is considered a crawl space is only large enough for a squirel to crawl under. So how do I unfreeze my pipes?






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