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The Trouble With Islam

Here's an interesting article on Irshad Manji, the Canadian author of "The Trouble With Islam".

The book, which St. Martin's Press is launched in this country Jan. 13, is one of the most hard-hitting analyses of Islam to appear since the Sept. 11 attacks. Manji catalogs the often-brutal repression of women in much of the Muslim world; denounces its widespread anti-Semitism; accuses Western Muslims of being cowed by virulent "desert Islam"; and says her religion, unlike others, treats its scripture "as a document to imitate rather than interpret, suffocating our capacity to think for ourselves."

She implores fellow Muslims to reclaim the buried tradition of "ijtihad, independent reasoning, which she says allows every Muslim "to update his or her religious practice in light of contemporary circumstances."

Centuries ago, "in the guise of protecting the worldwide Muslim nation from disunity," Manji writes, the religion's leading scholars made the momentous decision to freeze debate about doctrine.

"The only thing this imperial strategy has achieved," she writes, "is to spawn the most dogged oppression of Muslims by Muslims: the incarceration of interpretation."

And of course the tolerance of others is highlighted:
Muslim organizations in Canada have roundly condemned "The Trouble With Islam." A Calgary group, Muslims Against Terrorism, is conducting a series of talks to counter Manji and, in a news release, it thanked Muslim scholars "that they remain calm and did not issue a fatwa against this author, although the author is looking for it."
Translation: "The bitch deserves whatever she gets".

It's not nicknamed "Religion Of Peace" for nothing...


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Comments (4)

This is Islam's trademarked... (Below threshold)

This is Islam's trademarked way of intimidating its critics. "Oh, no, we would never do anything to you, but you can never be sure what the 'violent element' might do."

It cannot be much longer before Americans generally realize that Islam is not a religion, but a war ideology that aims at the totalitarian domination of the world. When that day comes, world Islam had better look to its levees. Because we would never do anything to them, but you can never be sure what our violent element might do.

Of course, unlike theirs, our violent element operates in the sunlight. It wears green or blue, and is organized in divisions, fleets, and wings. And it has an unbroken record of success.

In order to experience evol... (Below threshold)

In order to experience evolution, growth and adaptation, the organism needs to tolerate incremental change, and incorporate that change into its DNA. If the organism's response to incremental change is destruction and death, there can be no change.

If the organism's respon... (Below threshold)

If the organism's response to incremental change is destruction and death, there can be no change.

Except its own eventual destruction and death.

Volem da me Igi jebe usta i... (Below threshold)

Volem da me Igi jebe usta i u supak .
[email protected]
Jebi me Igi !






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