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I saw a video clip of this on Thursday's edition of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but it turns out that it translates pretty well in print. If and when I find the video clip, I'll add a link to it.

You've got to admit the guy's logic is solid.

Read the whole story below.

OLBERMANN: Each night, we hope for something singular for our No. 1 story. We know that the whole world can offer it. Sometimes, we just dont know where it will come from. Sometimes, we just cant believe where it does come from.

How about an ordinary arraignment in a courtroom in Spokane, Washington, where, amid the dregs of society, we discover a man who, in his own way, has a pride in his work and a righteous indignation when he is accused of something he considers beneath him.

His name is Donnell Winston. And he may have been accused of being a bank robber, but he will risk anything, including his right to avoid self-incrimination, to prove he has not sunken that low.


JUDGE: It says, at that time, you readily admitted your involvement in the robbery and stated that you were forced into it to pay a drug debt. You were searched incident to the arrest. Nine $100 bills, two $20s, one $5, and four $1 were located in your right pants pocket. You were transported, where you were interviewed, and taken to jail, where you were booked.

DONNELL WINSTON, CHARGED IN BANK ROBBERY: Well, first of all, where are you getting all this information from about me walking into the bank and getting something else for a drug debt? Im a drug dealer, not a bank robber. Im the one with the drugs. He was the one that robbed, my co-offendant. Im sitting out in the car waiting for him. He jumps in my car.

JUDGE: Mr. Winston, one of the rights that I advised is your right to remain silent, because anything you say can and will be used against you.

WINSTON: Yes, but you all got the wrong information. You all got wrong information. Youre all saying I walked in the bank. Im on camera sitting in my car.

JUDGE: OK. Im advising youIm cautioning you about making any statements, sir.


WINSTON: Man, Im telling you, I heard what you said about anything that I say can be used against me in court, man. I heard. I heard you loud and clear on that. But you all are talking about, I walked in the bank and Im using the moneyI want the money because I need to pay off a drug debt.

Im the mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED) drug dealer. Im waiting for him to come out to give me money. He robs the bank. We go down two blocks. Cars surrounded me.

JUDGE: OK. OK. Well, I do find that probable cause exists. You wanted to know where I got the information? Its from the arresting officers affidavit. I said I found that probable cause existed to make the arrest. The probation department is suggesting that bond be set.

Counsel, do you have any recommendations?


JUDGE: Based on the severity of the charges...

WINSTON: Im going to kick that mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Im going to kill that mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED)


OLBERMANN: Any similarity between Mr. Winston and Eddie Murphys old Saturday Night Live character Gumby - "I'm Gumby, damn it" - is purely coincidental.

By the way, Mr. Winston is still in jail, in lieu of bond of $150,000. And one can imagine that he told that judge he should get that 150 large from some bank robber.

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Has anyone found a clip of ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone found a clip of this online? This is great.

Hey,This clip real... (Below threshold)


This clip really needs to get on the net. Please reply to me with a link if you have one.


we realllllly need a video ... (Below threshold)

we realllllly need a video of Donnell Winston as seen on Olbermann. they showed a clip of it again tonight. Anyone find it yet??






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