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News Anchor Resigns Over Nude Photos

Pity she wasn't on the investigative reporting team. She could have claimed she was doing a freelance investigative journalism piece on "Girls Gone Wild".

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Members of the media are expected to represent the community with the utmost class and respect, NewsChannel5 reported. But one northeast Ohio news anchor went to an extreme she never thought would catch up to her -- until she made national news -- on the wrong side of the camera.

Catherine Bosley, a news anchor for 10 years at WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio, was used to having her picture taken. However, someone took pictures of her after she stripped naked during a wet T-shirt contest while she was vacationing in Key West, Fla., last year with her husband.

"It was just a spur of the moment, silly, irresponsible thing to do that I regretted a great deal the next morning," Bosley said.

She lived with the secret for 10 months until the pictures showed up on the Internet about a week ago. Now she's out of a job.

While Bosley let go at WKBN, she did end up getting hired at the CBS affiliate in Cleveland.


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Comments (18)

Ugh! What a horrible boob j... (Below threshold)

Ugh! What a horrible boob job. She should have gotten fired for being stupid enough to think that her implants are worth looking at.

ergh... those tits have put... (Below threshold)

ergh... those tits have put me off my dinner! What was she THINKING getting a tit job like that?!

ergh... those tits have put... (Below threshold)

ergh... those tits have put me off my dinner! What was she THINKING getting a tit job like that?!

Dammit, a Hobbit boob job d... (Below threshold)

Dammit, a Hobbit boob job does not belong on a full-grown woman.

Methinks Ms. Bosley should ... (Below threshold)

Methinks Ms. Bosley should have stuck with what the Good Lord gave her. (And whoever administered that boob job should have his/her medical license revoked.)

Worst. Boob job. Ever.... (Below threshold)

Worst. Boob job. Ever.

And she's got a droopy ass.

It looks like someone made ... (Below threshold)

It looks like someone made her boobs out of Play-Doh and stuck them on! Those are horribly unnatural-looking.

As for her losing her job, I kinda feel sorry for her. I mean, why can't someone have a little fun with her Hubby while on vacation? It's not exactly what I would consider doing, but it's not like she was selling exclusive news stories to her competitors or something...


Why do I get the feeling, w... (Below threshold)

Why do I get the feeling, which ever way she (quickly) turns, those puppies are *right there*! No floppyness or swing or sway, just *bamm* right there.

No self respecting hobbit would be caught dead with a rack like that.

And Two Dragons makes a valid point....why can't a gal let her hair down while on vacation with her bubby? In a way, would the photos have made as big a deal had her network not brought them to light? I say she should keep her job.

You know, Kevin, I think yo... (Below threshold)

You know, Kevin, I think you picked the wrong photo for your caption contest.

Am I the only one who sees ... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who sees the kid getting the knuckle-five from the guy behind her? That is a kid, right?

I agree they're horrible. A... (Below threshold)

I agree they're horrible. And given the opportunity I'm all over them. Let's get real, here.

Methinks those boobs are "a... (Below threshold)

Methinks those boobs are "air dry," not "tumble dry."

Those are horrible.<p... (Below threshold)

Those are horrible.

I posted this awhile ago, 48 Reasons Not to Get a Boob Job, and think this picture should be added to those examples. Pre-education is always helpful to those seeking plastic surgery.

Ick. I threw up in my mouth a little.

For the implant to be THAT ... (Below threshold)

For the implant to be THAT obvious, she had to have had absolutely NO natural tissue to begin with.

They usually put the implant in back so that the natural tissue is on top. Therefore the most "natural-looking" ones are those that had a little something to work with.

She musta had nada.

Getting fired for flaunting fake boobs...Isn't that kind of like getting arrested for brandishing a fake gun?

Been enough comments bout t... (Below threshold)

Been enough comments bout the horrible boob job so...
Noticed she has no tan line unlike the other girls...in Florida. I would expect her to have one if she normally goes around dressed. And I wonder what her blood alcohol level was at the time.

Nonsense. Very realistic br... (Below threshold)

Nonsense. Very realistic breasts can be made with implants. But most women don't do the reasearch, then go to "Boobs 4 cheap!", and get stuck looking like someone nailed two tennis balls to their chest.

Does anyone know why some o... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know why some of the pics on glumbert.com don't link to the big picture? Like #25 & 26? Did they have to pull them for some reason?

When one realizes their tru... (Below threshold)

When one realizes their true value, if too incompetent to blow their own brains out, then somebody else should do it for them.






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